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Dota 6.60 Beta - Dota-Allstars 6.60 Beta Map Leaked! (Beta 21)

Dota 6.60 Beta At last, Dota 6.60 Beta - Dota-Allstars 6.60 Beta Map is Leaked! Many thanks to BerLioS who sent me Dota 6.60 Beta Map (Beta 21). I will give you a peek about what's new on Dota 6.60 based on that map. Enjoy!

I know some people doesn't want to see the spoiler about the next map and even hate leaked map. But some people also desire and curious what will happen on Dota 6.60. So, to be fair, i give this spoiler warning before you go through and take a peek ^_^

Dota 6.60 Beta 21 Changelogs:
- Replace all the heroes tavern into top left of the map
- Now there's 9 tavern:
Sentinel Strength Tavern, Sentinel Agility Tavern, Sentinel Intelligence Tavern
Neutrals Strength Tavern, Neutrals Agility Tavern, Neutrals Intelligence Tavern
Scourge Strength Tavern, Scourge Agility Tavern, Scourge Intelligence Tavern
- Neutrals Hero can be picked by either Scourge or Sentinel
- Add Tauren Chieftain to Sentinel Strength Tavern
- Add Bat Rider to Neutrals Intelligence Tavern
- Hero remade on Razor and Viper
- All Razor skill is remade, except for his Chain Lightning (will update this later)
- Viper 2nd skill was remade, replace Frenzy with Nethertoxin (passive, give additional damage depends on enemy's health)

2 New items
Magic Wand
Magic stick + 3 x Ironwood Branch + Recipe (150)
+3 all attribute and Energy Charge (up to 15, Magic Stick only 10)

Force Staff
Quarterstaff + Staff of Wizardry + Recipe (700)
Give +10 Int, +10 Damage, +10 Attack Speed and Force ability (Active)
Force can push enemy 500 units on the direction he is faced

More to come, be patient :)

Dota 6.60 Pictures & Screenshots:

Dota 6.60 Tavern Layout

Wow, i think this new layout is offered more fun. But IceFrog will need changes the hero story, especially in the neutrals taverns ^-^

Bat Rider
WTF!! There's another hero added! Well, Batrider is already exist on previous version, but i forgot which version she was ~_~;;

Tauren ChieftainWell, looks like Tauren Chieftain will be on Sentinel side ;p

Dota 6.60 New HeroesCan't wait to play them in the official Dota 6.60 map ^_^

Still in progress, please be patient ;)

Dota-Allstars 6.60 Beta 21 Download link:
Dota-Allstars 6.60 Beta 21 via Warcraft Map
Dota-Allstars 6.60 Beta 21 via Rapidshare

Woot! No wonder the 6.60 map taking so much time. It has so much changes and even another new hero! :)


Taken from : You can click top image (DotA Loading Screen) or other links in this post..

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  1. q px problem nih, dota vrsi 6.58 sampai strusx itu kursor mousex g' mo tmpil ato skali tampil bntukx kotak2. ini yang brmasalah komputer q ato dotax. tapi kalo versi sblumx tu bsa

  2. @Anonymous
    Itu kompi warnet/rumah ?? Kalau komp rumah sepertinya ada beberapa requirement yg tdk dipenuhi oleh komp Anda. Tp saya jg pernah seperti itu ketika bermain di warnet, komp saya restart dan work normal kembali.


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