Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dan Doh!! [Anime]

Size : 174-176 MB/episode
Length : 24:20/file/episode
Audio : Japanese
Created By : SD Project & Static-Subs

Episode 001: Dan Doh`s Dream
Episode 002: Tournament
Episode 003: Yuka
Episode 004: Missed Shot
Episode 005: Niko-Ball!
Episode 006: Yokota
Episode 007: Final Round
Episode 008: Father
Episode 009: 6-Iron
Episode 010: Over the Valley
Episode 011: Strong Ones Are Gathering
Episode 012: Only One in the World
Episode 013: Light that Reaches the Heart
Episode 014: Battle between man and man
Episode 015: Disqualify
Episode 016: To Hokkaido
Episode 017: Caddy
Episode 018: Favorite Shot
Episode 019: Challenge
Episode 020: Two of Us Make Two
Episode 021: Faith
Episode 022: Taku-san
Episode 023: Ordeal
Episode 024: End of Match
Episode 025: Kazama
Episode 026: Within the Light

If you want to save the file, you may have to right-click and choose "Save As" instead of simply clicking on the download link.

Updated :
All links has been removed due to copyright issue.

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