Tuesday, February 17, 2009

[Lyrics] Saykoji - Online

Song Lyrics | Lirik Lagu

Artist : Saykoji
Song Title : Online

chorus :
siang malam ku selalu
menatap layar terpaku
untuk on line on line
on line on line
jari dan keyboard beradu
pasang earphone dengar lagu
aku on line online
on line on line

verse 1 :
tidur telat bangun pagi pagi
nyalain komputer online lagi
bukan mau ngetik kerjaan
e-mail tugas diserahkan

tapi malah buka facebook
padahal face masih ngantuk
beler kayak orang mabuk
pala naik turun ngangguk-ngangguk

sambil ngedownload empitri
colok i pod usb kiri
ngecekin postingan forum
apa ada balesannye? belum

biar belum sikat gigi belum mandi
tapi kalo belum on line paling anti
liat friendster myspace, youtube
me and him, everybody you too

cerse 2 :
nah udah mandi siap berangkat
langsung cabut takut terlambat
tak lupa flash disk gantung di leher
malah lupa sepatu jadi nyeker

flashdisk isinya bokep atau lagu
kalau ada kerjaanpun gue ragu
kalo emang berani coba pada ngaku
cek isi foldernya satu satu

di kantor online pakai proxy
walau diblok server bisa dilolosi
namanya udah ketagihan internet
produktifitaspun kepepet

jam kerja malah chatting ym
ngobrol online sama si ehehem
atasan lewat langsung klik data
pura pura kerja di depan mata

bridge :
makan siangpun ajy cari sinyal wifi
mengapa ku kecanduan oh why why
kadang terasa bagai tak berdaya
ingin ku berubah.. eh ada e-mail dah dulu ya

verse 3 :
cek e-mail spam semua
email benerannya cuma dua
yang satu email lama
yang satu forwardan yang sama

ngarep komentar buka friendster
loading, gue tinggal beser
pas balik ngecek komputer kok lagi maintenance server

ya udah download lagu
bajakan gratis gak pake ragu
saykoji satu album
setengah jam bisa rampung

sore sore bosen hambar
ide nakal cari cari gambar
download video dengan sabar
ketahuan pacar digampar

Download Saykoji - Online.mp3

Monday, February 16, 2009

RajaGame PvPGN

Server Name : RajaGame

IP : / dota.rajagame.com

TimeZone : 7

Official Site PvPGN RajaGame Forum : http://dota.rajagame.com/forum/

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Warcraft III - Cheat Codes

Stuck on a single-player mission? These cheat codes can provide you with that "edge" you're looking for. To use a cheat code, press the enter key, type in the code, and press enter again. The message "Cheat Code Enabled" should appear. Note that these codes only work in single-player missions and custom maps.

TenthLevelTaurenChieftain - Plays a special song (WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne ONLY)

WarpTen - Speeds construction of buildings and units

IocainePowder - Fast Death/Decay

WhosYourDaddy - God mode

KeyserSoze [amount] - Gives you X Gold

LeafitToMe [amount] - Gives you X Lumber

GreedIsGood [amount] - Gives you X Gold and Lumber

PointBreak - Removes food limit

ThereIsNoSpoon - Unlimited Mana

StrengthAndHonor - No defeat

Motherland [race] [level] - level jump

SomebodySetUpUsTheBomb - Instant defeat

AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs - Instant victory

WhoIsJohnGalt - Enable research

SharpAndShiny - Research upgrades

IseeDeadPeople - Remove fog of war

Synergy - Disable tech tree requirements

RiseAndShine - Set time of day to dawn

LightsOut - Set time of day to dusk

DayLightSavings [time] - If a time is specified, time of day is set to that, otherwise time of day is alternately halted/resumed

Friday, February 6, 2009

WIndows XP Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts

CTRL and A
Selects all the items in the active window.

CTRL and C
Copies the item or items to the Clipboard and can be pasted using CTRL and V.

CTRL and F
Displays the Find all files dialog box.

CTRL and G
Displays the Go to folder dialog box.

CTRL and N
Displays the New dialog box.

CTRL and O
Displays the Open dialog box.

CTRL and P
Displays the Print dialog box.

CTRL and S
Displays the Save dialog box.

CTRL and V
Pastes the copied item or items from the Clipboard.

CTRL and X
Cuts the item or items selected to the Clipboard.

CTRL and Z
Undoes the last action.

CTRL and F4
Closes the active document window.

CTRL while dragging an item
Copy the selected item

CTRL+SHIFT with arrow keys
Highlight a block of text

Close the active document

Display the Start menu

CTRL and F6
Opens the next document window in the active application.

View the properties for the selected item

Close the active item, or quit the active program

Open the shortcut menu for the active window

Switch between the open items

Cycle through items in the order that they had been opened

F1 key
Gives help on the active window or selected item.

F2 key
Rename the selected item

F3 key
Search for a file or a folder

F4 key
Display the Address bar list in My Computer or Windows Explorer

F5 key
Update the active window

F6 key
Cycle through the screen elements in a window or on the desktop

F10 key
Activate the menu bar in the active program

Windows Logo
Display or hide the Start menu

Windows Logo+BREAK
Display the System Properties dialog box

Windows Logo+D
Display the desktop

Windows Logo+M
Minimize all of the windows

Windows Logo+SHIFT+M
Restore the minimized windows

Windows Logo+E
Open My Computer

Windows Logo+F
Search for a file or a folder

CTRL+Windows Logo+F
Search for computers

Windows Logo+F1
Display Windows Help

Windows Logo+ L
Lock the keyboard

Windows Logo+R
Open the Run dialog box

Windows Logo+U
Open Utility Manager

Move forward through the options

Move backward through the options

Move forward through the tabs

Move backward through the tabs

ALT+Underlined letter
Perform the corresponding command or select the corresponding option

Perform the command for the active option or button

Select or clear the check box if the active option is a check box

F1 key
Display Help

F4 key
Display the items in the active list

Arrow keys
Select a button if the active option is a group of option buttons

Open a folder one level up if a folder is selected in the Save As or Open dialog box

Display the bottom of the active window

Display the top of the active window

NUM LOCK+Asterisk sign (*)
Display all of the subfolders that are under the selected folder

NUM LOCK+Plus sign (+)
Display the contents of the selected folder

NUM LOCK+Minus sign (-)
Collapse the selected folder

Collapse the current selection if it is expanded, or select the parent folder

Display the current selection if it is collapsed, or select the first subfolder

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Virus Myths

Below are come comments we've come across that are common misconceptions when it comes to computer viruses and other malware.

"If I download a file onto a disk, I don't have to worry about a viruses." - This is not true, just because you've placed a file on a diskette or moved a file from a diskette to your hard drive does not mean that your computer cannot be infected. Many viruses are memory resident and capable of loading themselves into memory once a diskette is placed in the computer.

"If I buy sealed software I don't have to worry about viruses." or "If I just buy registered software I don't have to worry about viruses." - This is not always true, just because the program may be surrounded in plastic doesn't mean that it cannot be infected with a virus. When a software program is saved onto a diskette or disc if that computer or program is infected the virus will attach itself. Although this issue very rarely occurs it is still a possibility.

"If I don't download anything off of the Internet I don't have to worry about viruses." - This is definitely not true. Although most companies and web sites will scan the files for viruses before they make them available to download some may not. In addition many people create a site or a file to download with the intention of spreading a virus, spyware, Trojan horses, or other malware.

"If I just read my e-mail, I will not have to worry about viruses." - Not true; there are viruses out there that are distributed through e-mail; also, files can be attached with e-mail and if executed can infect the computer. Today this is one of the most common ways computer viruses spread around the world.

"If I don't get on the Internet I don't have to worry about viruses." - This, unfortunately, is not the case. Although many viruses are spread over the Internet today it is still possible to contract a computer virus form any diskette or disc you put in the computer.

"You can contract viruses from just looking at web pages." - Not true. However, you can contract a virus if you download and execute a file from that web page. In addition spyware and other scripts can be executed from just viewing a web page. Although these programs are not designed to delete files on your computer they should be considered a privacy violation.

Taken from : http://www.computerhope.com/

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dota 6.59b Quest - Dota-Allstars 6.59b Side Quest Guide

dota allstars 6.59b side questDota 6.59b Quest - Dota-Allstars 6.59b Side Quest Guide and Walkthrough - Tauren Chieftain Secret Boss. When released Dota 6.59, IceFrog already tell us that there will be a side quest on Dota 6.59b. And here it is. If you wondering what kind of quest awaited us, you can check the previous Dota 6.49 quest before trying this one. Tauren Chieftain, here i come!

Start the quest by finding those 4 totems and take those into top left of the map. Activate 4 of them and fight the secret boss!

Here is Youtube about this quest:

Here is the reward

Tauren Chieftain

Complete map of the totems and frog

You can also find 4 secret frogs that will allow you to destroy the totems. Each 2 located in the left top and right bot of the trees (search with gem for some time and you'll find them) They CAN be killed by spells,but don't do it.Instead make a hero follow Icefrog/s and send icefrogs to the location of the totem. After summoning the Tauren Chieftain, I highly recommend using that frog to destroy the totems, since they grant him INSANE regeneration.

Update: Download Dota 6.59b and start the quest for Tauren Chieftain that will be introduced on Dota 6.60!

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