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Breath of Fire 4 Characters [PSX]

: Swords

Ryu is the mysterious main character in Breath of Fire 4. In the beginning of the game, the storyline appears to focus on the search for Elina, but as time progresses we begin to learn more and more about the history of Ryu...

Biography :
Ryu, the main character in all the Breath of Fire games, returns as the main character in BoF4. When Nina finds him unconscious in the middle of the desert, he suddenly realizes he has no memory of where he had been, why he is here, or where he is going. Nina decides to take him with her on her search for Elina, in hopes that he can find his way. As the game progresses, Ryu's power will be revealed. Just like in the previous BoF games, Ryu has the power to command Dragons... both transforming into Dragons himself and summoning Dragons to do his bidding during battle.
Since he is the main character, he will almost always be in your party. He is an all-around good character, being above-average in just about all areas. His Dragon attacks will prove to be the most powerful weapons in your journey. Traditionally, his weapon is the Sword, and while in the lead he can swing it by pressing the Triangle button. This can be used to cut down trees or other such objects, and may have other uses as well...

Weapons : Staves and Rods

Nina is the sweet and kind Wyndian princess in your party. She plays a big role in the storyline. Although she is not a very good fighter when it comes to physical attack power and HP, she has some very deadly and powerful magic spells...

Biography :
Another trademark of the Breath of Fire series, Nina also makes an appearance as a main character in BoF4. Princess of Wyndia, Nina is a member of the Fae Tribe, a race of humans with wings. She stumbles across the unconscious Ryu after her sandflier crashes in the desert. Nina is on a search to find her missing sister Elina, but as the story progesses, she will be drawn deeper into Ryu's struggle...
Nina's strength is her magic. She is quite weak on the physical side, but her healing magic will prove to be invaluable in putting your party back together during a rough fight. Being a member of the Fae Tribe, she also commands some Wind Magic, and can even fly a bit with her Wings. By pressing the Square button in the field, Nina will fly into the air, giving you a bird's-eye view of the surrounding area.

Weapons : Fists

Ershin is a rather weird, but powerful, character. She doesn't even look human. Although Ershin has a pretty powerful physical attack earlier in the game, she will get very powerful group magic later in the game...

Weapons : Clubs and Bats

Cray is the more fierce and sometimes rude character in your team. He doesn't play a very big role in the game. Cray can be one of the strongest characters if you train him well. He is strong magically, but not so physically...

Weapons : Swords

Scias is the silenced lone wolf in your party. He can sometimes be very disturbing, and he has problems with talking. Scias has a lot of unique attacks and magic spells, both of which he's pretty good at...

Weapons : Guns

Although she is actually an Imperial general, Ursula decides to come with the others later in the game, when she realises what the Empire is doing behind the scenes all the time. Ursula is a powerful character all around...

Fou Lu
Weapons : Magical Swords

Fou Lu is the other and more powerful spliced half of the Yorae dragon. Fou Lu has an extremely powerful attack, and can turn into some dragon forms later in the game. Fou Lu isn't a true party member...

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