Saturday, October 11, 2008

L’Arc~en~Ciel Biography


Vocal : Hyde
Guitar : Ken
Bass : Tetsu
Drums : Yukihiro

Drums : Sakura [1992 - 1997]
Guitar : Hiro [1991 - 1992]
Drums : Pero [1991 - 1992]


Osaka, around the beginning of 1991, two young people named Hiro tetsu and formed a band. Tetsu role as a vocal following Bass while Hiro as a guitarist. At that time Hyde is still a guitarist in a band called Kiddies Bomb, which later changed its name to Jerusalem's Rod Hyde switch position and became a vocalist (although at the time he is not interested in the role).

On a day tetsu appearance watch bands for the first time. When he is feeling confident that Hyde is the right person to fill the position of vocal group in his band. But for some time, he continued to follow the band's appearance, until eventually he decided to invite Hyde and partner in Jersarem's Rod, Pero to join it. After some time session, Hyde finally decided to leave the band ever join the band and tetsu. Then formed the earliest formation L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel, namely, tetsu (bass while the band leader), Hyde (vocal), Hiro (guitar), and Pero (drums).

The name L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel own proposed by tetsu inspired by a French film titled. L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel taken from the French that have meaning rainbow.

Their appearance is the first stage on 30 May 1991 in Nanba Rockets. Even when the owner is thinking that stage, L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel will become very popular, and it proved a few years later.

To Be Continued . . .

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