Saturday, October 4, 2008

Breath of Fire 4 Original Soundtrack

You can get the song from here : LINK

Songs list :
Breath of Fire IV ~Opening Animation~
Endings and Beginnings ~Main Theme~
Run Straight
The World Beneath Your Feet
It's an Easy Win
2000 Treasure if You Win
Relessed (Relaxed & Stressed)
Endings and Beginnings
First Emperor
Men of War
Take the Winnings and Run
A Warring God
Tiny Village in the Desert
Gotta Turn it Around, Gotta Turn Around
Under Pressure
Bastard Sword
Working Today, Too
Out of His Mind
Unbearable Atmosphere
Truth and Dreams
Watch Your Step!
Yet the Merchants Will Go
~A Man~
Sound of a Little Zenny
Brave Heart
Dying Wish
Maybe I'll Even Buy a Sheep
How Long Will the Rain Last
Whirlpools Inside (The Frog's Song)
Flutter (Butterfly)
Shima-shima at Your Back (Buzz Buzz Buzz)
Unfading Ones
Song of the Plains
Thousand Wings
The Sacred Ground Far Away
Tototon Toton To
What the Samba
Get the Fish!
I Caught a Big One!
Like the Sun, Like the Moon
I'm a Faerie!
Game Over
Even Towards Death, Valiantly
Seagull Flies
Go By Ship!
Pabu-pabu Puka-puka
Pavane for a Dead Princess
A God's Beast
A Raging Emperor's Banquet
Dragon's Blood
A Wing from the Sky
Endings and Beginnings
A Raging Emperor's Banquet ~Remix~
Pabu-pabu Puka-puka Song
A Little After the Dream

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