Friday, September 12, 2008

Distinguish colors on the disk partition

Along with the development of software and applications that have more features, the size of the hard disk is well developed.

Not infrequently computer users to share the hard disknya several partitions in order to facilitate management, especially with more than one operating system. The division of this partition can be done in the windows themselves or through a third party.

In Windows XP, the partitions in the hard disk you can see the complete, with the feature, "computer management." Windows color blue to partition "primary". Windows also provide the same color on logika.Jika you want it, you can actually change them with the right-click on the "My Computer" select "Manage." In the "Disk Management" right-click and choose "View Settings". In the tab "Appearance", you can change the color for each section of the partition.

Credit to : Sys Admin TSDC

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