Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ragnarok Online's Introduction

What is Ragnarok Online?
Ragnarok Online is MPOCG (Multi-Player Online Gaming) is created based on the story and the same background of the famous comic, entitled 'Ragnarok' written by Lee Myoung-Jin. Comics are then developed into an online game that features a community focus between PLAYERS.

Chat and Play Together
In the game Ragnarok Online, you can meet and chat with thousands of new friends from all over Indonesia. In addition, you can also form a guild or organization, and joint activities.

Various types of professional and community
Ragnarok is designed so that characters of the players in this game interesting, so gamers can choose the role that they want. And the story line where Ragnarok is also taken from the original story Ragnarok to increase satisfaction for the gamer.

Graphs and sound effects are interesting
Graph of interesting characters with 2D and 3D with a background in technology, 'Aegis', color and music, and BGM prepared by TeMP that Ragnarok is very special.

Window-based instruments in-game interface
Window-based in-game interface will make it easier for gamers using the characteristics of interest only with the mouse control. Also, gamers can adjust the form of these features to play better.

To find out more about Ragnarok and lists the server that can be seen in http://www.ratemyserver.net//

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