Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Idol Street's Introduction

Idol Street is the online game virtual 3D dance with casual style that has a theme of Music, Fashion & Dance as the main feature.
Fashion & Dance as the main feature. Games with the simulation genre of dance has a quality that is almost a 3D graphic approached REAL loop or as the original. So the players can create and shape their character models in accordance with the image they want.

+ music • fashion • dance +
With the virtual design of the modern, players can enjoy a relaxing wave music, dance movement, such as professional dancer to the original expenditure and preen properly superstar. And control the play so very easy to give comfort in the play while interacting with other players.

City Idol Idol Idol Style Dance You can meet and acquainted with all the Idol in Indonesia. Of course, there are still many other entertainment features in the world Idol Street, the world is full of dreams and ideals.
Create image, style and express your kreasikan dance, become the Super Idol!.

Idol Street is the Modern Game Lifestyle!

+ Idol Story +
World Idol Street, a virtual world that resembles the real world. In Idol Street, every population is love dance, and together - as they compete at the same time seeking to become a 'Super Idol'. Particularly with the "Idol Street Cup" which will be soon.

The story begins with your idol as a normal teenager, who then accidentally will be met with seorangagen search of talent "Marilyn Elite Agency." An elite agency that was established by Marilyn Ann, that figure has been famous idol and successfully develop talent - young talent. Furthermore, these agents will be recruited and then invite you to become a scifi future.

Agent Marilyn will join you as one of the candidates Idol agencies in the and a visit to the studio Idol. There you will get some exercise to test the exam to become a better level of beginner. After you pass through a series of tests, to become petualanganmu Idol actually started!

Are You the NEXT Idol Street ?!

Idol Street Official Site : http://www.idol-street.com/

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