Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Scholarly Field of Computer and Information

In Indonesia alone, various scholarly field that is available to deepen matters related to computer technology, and informatics is one of them. Even with the other one is not too much difference. Some areas of scholarly or departments that are provided by permits issued by the Directorate of Higher Education are:

Technical Information / Information. Tendency to how a tool can process information and communicate, both on one instrument or tool among others.

Computer Science. Tendency to science or knowledge of computer technology.

Computer Engineering. Tendency to the hardware of the computer itself.

Information System. Tendency in the processing of the data so that data can be managed and yield information, information systems Application of this are operating in support of an organization: the operation, installation, and maintenance of computers, software, and data.

Information Management. Tendency to use the computer to a data processing information, so the information can be used for the management, especially as materials for the decision.

Computer Accounting. Tendency to use the computer for specific purposes in the processing of financial data.

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  1. Hmm (ngecomment pake indonesia aja ya)

    sedikit masukan, IT atau biasanya disebut teknik informasi atau computer enginering skarang lbih menuju kepada pembelajarn ai (artifisal intelegense) tapi untuk belajar ai, butuh skill kedokteran dl (nervous system) hehe maap kalo salah :P itu dksh tw am dosen gw bro :) dan jujurnya untuk membangun logika fuzzy wuzzy butuh keahlian seorang ahli matematika

    jadi komputer sekarang ga cuman belajar ngetik aja tapi udah masuk ke segala jenis pelajaran



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