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Love Hina (ラブひな Rabu Hina)

Cover of volume 1 of the Japanese version of Love Hina

Love Hina (ラブ ひな, Rabu Hina) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. It was originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine from October 21, 1998 through October 31, 2001 and was published in 14 tankōbon volumes by Kodansha. The series details the daily life of Keitaro Urashima as he attempts to find the girl he made a childhood promise to and enter Tokyo University. The manga is licensed for an English language release in North America and the United Kingdom by Tokyopop and in Singapore by Chuang Yi.

A twenty-four episode anime adaptation of the anime series, produced by Xebec, aired in Japan from April 19, 2000 to September 27, 2000. It was followed by a bonus DVD episode, two television specials, and a three episode original video animation (OVA) entitled Love Hina Again. The anime series, special, and OVA were licensed for release in North America by Bandai Entertainment. In July 2007, the license was acquired by Funimation Entertainment, who will be re-releasing the series and movies using Bandai's original English language dubbing and subtitles.

Two novelizations of Love Hina, written by two anime series screenwriters, were also released in Japan. Both novels have been released in North America by Tokyopop.


The story is a shōnen comedy that takes place in the Kanagawa Prefecture, and centers on Keitaro Urashima, in his attempts to fulfill a childhood promise that he made with a girl to enter Tokyo University together. However, he has forgotten the name of the girl and hopes to be accepted into Tokyo university in order to find her. Although he has already failed the entrance exam twice, He becomes manager of the family owned Hinata House (日向荘, Hinata Sō, also known as Hinata Apartments) which is now an all girls dorm, and must balance his new responsibilities with his attempts to pass the university entrance exam and find the girl he made the promise with.

Being an all girls dorm, there is initially some strong objection to Keitaro becoming the manager and he is disliked initially by most of the residents, however he eventually wins their respect and eventual affection. However, Keitaro is often involved in misunderstandings and is often physically and mentally punished for comedic effect. Keitaro's primary (and usually exclusive) interest is in Naru Narusegawa, though all the other girls have different sorts of affections for him (including close friend, a playmate, and non-threatening crush object). Keitaro and Naru's relationship is complicated by their own mistakes and misunderstandings, the other residents and daily events.


NB : Where ages are quoted these are the ages at the time the character appears in the story – the story moves through a year fairly quickly so ages change quickly. Some characters are the same age in both the anime and manga, and some are a year older in the anime.

~ Keitaro Urashima (浦島 景太郎, Urashima Keitarō) is a 19-year-old cram-school student trying to get into Tokyo University in order to fulfill a childhood promise he made to a girl 15 years ago. After being kicked out of home by his parents for failing his second attempt to pass the entrance exam, his grandmother grants him ownership of Hinata Inn. He becomes study partners with Naru Narusegawa and must balance his studies as well as the running of the Inn and dealing with the other residents. Keitaro is clumsy and is initially disliked by many of the residents, but is able to improve his relationship with each of them. In the anime, Keitaro was voiced by Yūji Ueda in the Japanese version and Derek Stephen Prince in the English version.

~ Naru Narusegawa (成瀬川 なる, Narusegawa Naru) is a 17-year-old resident of the Hinata Inn, and like Keitaro, is studying to enter Tokyo University. Although she initially dislikes Keitaro, she becomes his study partner so they can both be accepted. Naru was first in the country on the practice exams, however she fails her first real exam. In the anime, Naru was voiced by Yui Horie in the Japanese version and Dorothy Elias-Fahn in the English version.

~ Mutsumi Otohime (乙姫 むつみ, Otohime Mutsumi) is a 21-year-old student who lives in Okinawa. Like Keitaro, she has failed the Tokyo University entrance exams on several occasions. Mutsumi has a love of watermelons and turtles and is clumsy, frail, and often faints suddenly. Mutsumi meets Naru and Keitaro during their trip to Kyoto, and gives them as a present before they leave. Later, she travels to Tokyo and joins them as a study partner. In the anime, Mutsumi was voiced by Satsuki Yukino in the Japanese version and Julie Ann Taylor in the English version.

~ Shinobu Maehara (前原 しのぶ, Maehara Shinobu) is a 12-year old middle school student who is very shy. She loves to clean and cook and takes care of most of the chores around the Hinata Inn. Despite a bad and embarrassing first start with Keitaro, she develops a crush on him, calling him "sempai" as a sign of her admiration and respect. Unlike the other girls of the Hinata Inn, Shinobu is not prone to hitting Keitarō; instead, she gets emotional and cries, which makes Keitarō feel guilty. In the anime, Shinobu was voiced by Masayo Kurata in the Japanese version and Bridget Hoffman in the English version.

~ Motoko Aoyama (青山 素子, Aoyama Motoko) is a 15-year-old high school girl who is descended from a family of Kendo experts. Motoko is very serious and takes an instant dislike to Keitaro, often attacking him with a wooden sword or katana. She is at first uncomfortable with her femininity, partially because her sister left her sword for a husband, partially because of her height: she is the tallest person in the house, 4 cm taller than Keitaro. Motoko also has an irrational fear of turtles. In the anime, Motoko is voiced by Yū Asakawa in the Japanese version and Mona Marshall in the English version.

~ Kaolla Su (カオラ スゥ, Kaora Sū) is a 13-year-old foreign transfer student, and princess of her home island. Su is hyperactive and often treats Keitaro as a plaything. Although she is young, she has an in-depth knowledge of creating gadgets and weapons. Su has an older sister and an older brother, and during a red moon transforms into an adult version of herself. In the anime, Su is voiced Reiko Takagi in the Japanese version and Wendee Lee in the English version.

~ Mitsune Konno (紺野 みつね, Konno Mitsune), also known as Kitsune (キツネ, Kitsune), is a 19-year-old freelancer who speaks with a Kansei dialect, and is often known by her nickname "Kitsune" (literally "fox"). Mitsune was a school friend of Naru's and often interferes in Naru's and Keitaro's relationship. She is often drunk, bets on horse races, and enjoys teasing Keitaro. In the anime, Mitsune was voiced by Junko Noda in the Japanese version and by Barbara Goodson in the English version.


Production on the manga began at least six months before the start of serialization. Parts of Hinata Inn and other locations used were inspired by real life locations.

Initial character designs went through several revisions before being settled upon, with several characters undergoing complete redesigns and name changes. For example, the character Naru was named Midori, and she was supposed to fall through a hole in the floor naked, bump her head on Keitaro and lose her memory. This scenario was changed to happen to Mutsumi. Naru's name was changed many times before the author settled on Naru Narusegawa, and her final design is similar to Saati Namba from A.I. Love You. Kitsune's money-grubbing nature and her older, jaded, and more mature personality were originally slated to be used for Kaolla Su. Shinobu Maehara's nature was settled on from the beginning of the series, however her physical appearance and age was extensively redesigned as the series concept was shaped. In her early design, Shinobu had a similar appearance to Forty Namba from A.I. Love You.

During the run of the manga, a library of set backgrounds, called "banked images", were used to make production easier.


~ Manga
The 118 individual chapters of Love Hina were originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine, premiering in the October 21, 1998 issue and running weekly until its conclusion in the October 31, 2001 issue. The chapters were collected and published in 14 tankōbon volumes by Kodansha. The manga was also later released in a partially colored format known as "Iro Hina version" (literally "Color Hina version") at an increased price.

The series is licensed for an English language release in North America and the United Kingdom by Tokyopop, which released the 14 volumes between May 7, 2002 and September 16, 2003. It is also licensed for an English language release in Singapore by Chuang Yi and for regional language releases in France and Québec by Pika Édition, in Spain by Glénat, in Singapore by Chuang Yi, in Brazil by Editora JBC, in Mexico by Grupo Editorial Vid, in Poland by Waneko, in Greece by Compupress, in Germany in German, and in Sweden and Norway by Egmont Manga & Anime.

Kodansha had also published a bilingual (English and Japanese) edition under the Kodansha Bilingual Comics label. English texts were translated by Giles Murray. Eight volumes were produced under the bilingual format.The bilingual version ceased publishing in 2001.

~ Anime
The TV series ran for 24 episodes from April 19, 2000 to September 27, 2000 on TV Tokyo. After the TV run finished, a bonus 25th episode was released on DVD. In Japan, "Love Hina Final Selection" was relased, containing a summary of the series and "Love Live Hina", a live concert including all of the female seiyū who participated in the successful run of the series. Due to the success of the series several specials were made for Christmas and Spring, and eventually the final three part OVA series called Love Hina Again. The TV series, movies and OVA were all directed by Yoshiaki Iwasaki and animated by Xebec with character designs by Makoto Uno and Meiju Maeda (for Love Hina Again) and scripts mainly written by Sho Aikawa.

The anime was later used as the source for a Films comic, Love Hina Anime Comic, which told the anime story in comic form using stills from the show as the comic panels. The TV series and the Christmas and Spring specials were included. Like the manga, the film comic also contains production info.

Love Hina Again (ラブひなAgain, Rabu Hina Agēn) is a three episode OVA that takes place after Love Hina: Spring Special.

Keitaro Urashima has been accepted into the University of Tokyo and his adopted sister, Kanako Urashima, becomes the new manager of Hinata Inn. The denizens are not pleased with Kanako's rather intrusive and sneaky methods and wish for Keitaro's return. When he does reappear, however, Kanako reveals that he had made a promise with her to go to the annex so that they can be together forever. Though Keitaro thinks of her only as a sister, she does not see him as a brother; her goal is to win his love. (In anime, fictional adopted sister relationships are dramatic or humor fodder and generally not treated as incest.) Naru and Keitaro are nearly torn apart by her efforts, but manage to win out in the end by destroying the cursed Hinata annex, following which Naru finally declares her true feelings for Keitaro in front of the other girls.

~ Light Novel
Two novels have been written by the anime screenwriters and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu as side stories of the main series. Love Hina: Mystery Guests at Hinata Hotel (ラブひな―混浴厳禁‐ひなた旅館へようこそ!, Love Hina: Mystery Guests at Hinata Hotel?), written by Shō Aikawa under the pen name "Kurō Hazuki", was published in Japan in a bilingual edition (English and Japanese) by Kodansha in February 2002. On April 11, 2006, Tokyopop published an English translation in North America under the title Love Hina: The Novel, Volume 1. The second novel, Love Hina: Secrets at Hinata Hotel (ラブひな―混浴厳禁 ひなた荘のヒミツ, Love Hina: Secrets at Hinata Hotel?), by Hiroyuki Kawasaki, was released in Japan in Japanese in May 2001 and in a bilingual edition on December 2001. It was released in English in North America as Love Hina: The Novel, Volume 2 on August 8, 2006.

~ Reference Books
Two reference books for the manga series have been released for fans of the series: Love Hina 0 and Love Hina Mugendai (also known as "infinity" or "∞"). 0 contains character profiles, interviews and production info as well as other supproting materials for the first seven volumes of the manga and Mugendai contains character profiles, a timeline, artwork interviews and production info. A large section is dedicated to early production sketches and handwritten development notes.

Two reference books have also been released for the anime series, Ani-Hina Ver.1 and Ani-Hina Ver.2. Each book contains character profiles, episode summaries, production sketches and details as well as interviews and infomation on the seiyū (voice actors); each covers half of the anime series.

~ Video Games
The series has seen several video games released across several platforms. The Game Boy Color received "Love Hina Pocket" on August 8, 2000, and "Love Hina Party" on January 26, 2001. The Game Boy Advance received "Love Hina Advance" on September 07, 2001. The Dreamcast received "Love Hina: Totsuzen no Engeji Happening" on September 28, 2000 and "Love Hina: Smile Again" on March 29, 2001. The Playstation received "Love Hina 1: Ai wa Kotoba no Naka ni" on September 28, 2000 and "Love Hina 2: Kotoba wa Konayuki no Yō ni" on November 30, 2000. The Playstation 2 received "Love Hina: Gojasu Chiratto Happening" on March 22, 2003.

~ Albums
There have been several Love Hina soundtracks released. "Love Hina Original Sound File" was released on September 21, 2000 and contains all of the background music for the series as well as many vocal songs. "Love Hina — Winter Special Soundtrack" was released on January 24, 2001 and was followed by "Love Hina — Spring Special Soundtrack" on June 6, 2001. "Love Hina Again Soundtrack" was released on April 3, 2002. There were also several other albums. Two collections of vocal songs were released, Love Hina - Hinata Girls Song Best released on March 16, 2001 and Love Hina - Hinata Girls Song Best 2 released on October 3, 2001.


Love Hina won the Kodansha Manga Award for best shōnen title in 2001. It was selected as the "Best Manga, USA Release" at both the 2002 and 2004 Anime Expo conventions. In 2003, the title was among the top ten graphic novels on Nielsen BookScan's list and one of the the first graphic novels to ever appear in the general trade paperback list.

The series was well received by critics. Tony Chen, of Anime News Network (ANN), found it to be a funny series, though inappropriate for readers under 16 due to the number of jokes involving sexual innuendo. He praised the beautiful artwork, feeling the "sexy and cute" female designs were perfect for the series and that Keitaro's design fit his dorky personality. Chen found Naru's regularly catching Keitaro making a mistake and calling him a pervert redundant and annoying.

ANN's Bamboo Dong praised the anime adaptation for being very intriguing and mixing "drama, romance, and slapstick comedy in a pleasing combination". She found the music "incredibly cute" and felt it was used in a way which contributed to many of the dramatic effects in the anime. In The Anime Encyclopedia: A Guide to Japanese Animation Since 1917, Jonathan Clements and Helen McCarthy felt the female characters were a "standard rack of female anime archetypes" and that the series as a whole was a "culmination of a decade of geek-centered anime". Chris Beveridge, of AnimeOnDVD.com, noted the first anime DVD volume was "really well put together", but also felt the manga did not translate into a anime series particularly well. He praised the Christmas special, noting that it was "several notches above the TV series" but found that while the Spring Special had amusing moments, it was rushed with bad plotting.

The Love Hina Again OVA received more mixed reviews, with ANN's Zac Berthschy feeling it reversed part of the plot of the main anime series and never reached the same entertainment level as the television series. The character of Kanako, Keitaro's sister, was heavily criticized for being "one of the most annoying characters ever created even though she would have been better for Keitaro than Naru." Beveridge praised the fun and comedy as well as the fan service, but also noted that ones enjoyment would depend on whether they still cared for the characters.

Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_Hina

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Castle Fight v1.12

Castle Fight v1.12
by gekko aka. geX

Category : Castle Defense
Tileset : Ashenvale
Dimensions : 96x64
Playable Area : 88x56
Recommended Players : 2,4,6,8,10,12
Size : 703.5 KB

An epic battle between the two castles!

Recommended gamemode is 4on4 with 2 wins.


Download Castle Fight v1.12.w3x

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[Lyrics] Duo Derby - Gelora Asmara (Kepompong OST)

Song Lyrics | Lirik Lagu

Artist : Duo Derby
Song Title : Gelora Asmara

Datanglah nyatakanlah cintamu
Katakan bahwa kau menginginkan diriku
Datanglah bawalah bunga-bunga
Agar kau dapat membuat diriku terbang

Reff :
Aku disini duduk manis menantimu
Akupun ingin membuat kau tak menyesal
Bahwa kau telah memilih diriku ini
Yang akan terus membuat hidupmu indah

Datanglah nyatakan janji cinta
Yang akan kau ucapkan itu yang terakhir
Datanglah bawalah aku pergi
Bersama dengan semua gelora asmara

Back to Reff :

Hidupmu indah
Hidupmu indah

- English -

Come expressing your love
Say that you wish myself
Come bringing flowers
So that you can make myself fly

Reff :
I here sit beloved wait you
I also wish to make you is unrepentant
That you have chosen this myself
To continue to make your life beautiful
Come expressing love promise
That you will say is the last
Come bringing I go
Together with all love billow

Back to Reff :

Your life beautiful
Your life beautiful

Download Duo Derby - Gelora Asmara.mp3

New Server of idRO : Legend

Hi friends...

There is a good news to all of you ...........

idRO will open a new server called

At this new server all of you also will be able to fiddle around with Free of Charge, and the Exp you got is 2x EXP particularly again with existence of features which add exclaim to play at like Item Mall, Rental Item, and Premium of Service.

In Item Mall features there is a lot of goods which can buy, start from weapon, armor, card, headgear, until tamer and potion.

Rental Item immeasurable lessor kinds of supply start from weapon, armor, and accessory that very cool.

Besides also there are there are Premium Service features giving some advantage like:

- Addition of EXP equal to 50%, Addition of Drop Rate 50%, and Death Penalty decrease 50%
- Getting special facility of Teleport to Dungeon at NPC teleport.
- Getting special facility of Kafra Storage.
- Getting special facility of character slot addition become 9 slot.

With existence of the features will make your adventure become more interesting and exclaim with friends.

Let become the new Legend in this server ^_^

Source : http://www.ragnarok.co.id/berita/2008/legend/

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Bleach VS One Piece v2.06

Bleach VS One Piece v2.06
by Kurogane

Category : Hero Arena
Tileset : Cityscape
Dimensions : 128x128
Playable Area : 116x116
Recommended Players : 6 vs 6
Size : 3916.1 KB

Choose from 21 different heroes from anime Bleach or One Piece to join the battle arena!

Modes: -ar, -np, -hs, -ds, -nd, -nt, -ne, -nr, -fh, -sh, -nh, -sc, -bh, -nf, -nm, -so

Download Bleach_vs_Onepiece_v2.06.w3x

DotA Allstars 6.57

Download here : http://www.getdota.com/map_archive

Changelogs :

6.57 :
* Changed how -sd hero selection works. The three heroes are now added as icons to select from your circle of power
* Lots of fixes and improvements to the translation capacity of the map
* Fixed a few Warcraft 1.20e specific bugs for Chinese community
* Some performance improvements (more coming in the near future)
* Your Circle of Power now has 6 inventory slots. The items it has are now abilities instead. You cannot pickup items that you don't own with Circle of Power
* Items drop on top of your Circle of Power if a unit is not there instead of making a big pile in the center

* Improved Shallow Grave cooldown
* Increased the bounty on Power Cogs a little bit
* Decreased Clockwerk's Intelligence gain slightly
* Increased Hookshot manacost from 125 to 150
* Scaled the cooldown on Eclipse from 140 seconds for all levels to 160/150/140 seconds
* Eclipse no longer continues after death, Beam interval is increased from 0.5 to 0.6 seconds
* Improved Windrunner cooldown
* Lowered Admiral Proudmoore's base Intelligence and intelligence gain
* Decreased X Marks The Spot duration
* Added manacost to manual return ability of X Marks The Spot
* Increased Ghost Ship's manacost
* Lowered Omniknight's base movement speed by 5
* Increased Rhasta's base strength
* Improved AOE on Fervor
* Improved Dark Seer's cast animation point
* Increased length of Wall of Replica slightly
* Lowered bonus damage per second on early levels of Geostrike
* Tweaks to Shackleshot angle and area check mechanism
* Slightly improved Shackleshot duration and cd
* Improved Mass Serpent Wards' cooldown
* Reduced Haunt Illusions' damage from 50% to 40%
* Haunt now has a 1 second delay during which they fade in before the images start attacking the targets
* Improved Thunder Clap AOE
* Improve Primal Split's manacost and cooldown scaling per level
* Improved Life Break
* Improved Slardar's Cast Point
* Increased Command Aura's AOE
* Reworked Voodoo Restoration stats
* Minor improvements to Glyph of Fortification
* Courier now costs 200 gold
* Improved Eidolons damage type progression
* Lowered Lycan's Wolves Hitpoints
* Lowered base armor on Lycan and his wolves by 2
* Increased Empowering Haste's AOE
* Improved Aphotic Shield's life from 100/125/150/175 to 110/140/170/200
* Increased Kelen's Dagger cooldown from 15 to 18

* Circle of Power is now selected for each player at the start of the game
* Added disablehelp for X Marks the Spot
* Fixed some issues with the tree layout near the center scourge neutral camp
* Slight adjustment of top scourge tower position
* Your Circle of Power is more visible than your allies'
* Undid the previous minimap change due to concerns from different leagues
* Tweaked the bash values on Roshan
* Moved Glyph of Fortification from an item to an ability on your Circle of Power to prevent some abuses possible by the enemy
* Added Disablehelp for Keeper of the Light's Recall
* Added new hero sounds to -quote (Ogre Magi, Techies, Blademaster, Panda) and it now also tells you which number it played if you randomed with it
* Changed Windrunner's soundset

* Adjusted neutral pullability area for the Scourge ancients a bit
* Fixed camera movement issues when multiple Meepos respawn with Aegis of Immortal
* Fixed scoreboard consumables count
* Fixed static field doing a small amount more than what the tooltip says
* Fixed BKB being droppable after use when it's duration is decreasing
* Fixed the text display in -sc
* Fixed a bug with Phase Boots and Puck's Phase
* Fixed Phase Boots triggering Last Word
* Fixed some issues with the creep pathing on the bottom Sentinel wave
* Fixed a bug in Death Match that allows you to rebuy the same hero again
* Fixed Observer Board not showing up from a reloaded game in -cm
* Fixed hero respawn issues in regular dm (not dmap or dmar)
* Fixed Dust of Appearance tooltip not showing cooldown
* Fixed an old issue with dropping items away from you while under Berserker's Call pull
* Prevented Flying Courier from using dust of appearance
* Fixed an issue with Dawn Tavern being disabled when repicking in normal mode
* Fixed the RD spot not being marked as unexplored for scourge players after the draft phase
* Fixed a rare bug with Psionic Trap count limit not being enforced
* Fixed a test game only bug that caused the tower deaths to not register properly in single player
* Fixed a bug with Aegis of Immortal not setting proper mana on Meepo clones
* Fixed some performance related bugs with Admiral Proudmoore
* Fixed a bug with Power Treads and Essence Aura
* Fixed some minor bugs with the manabase on Primal Split's level 1 and 2 Earth
* Fixed Sange sell cost
* Fixed some minor issues with Phase Boots
* Fixed Kelen's Dagger being undroppable for the same old cooldown values
* Fixed Windrunner not appearing in -sd or -ai
* Fixed a Drop Items bug with courier and Aegis of Immortal
* Fixed a bug in some game modes where Kelen's Dagger had a small chance to not register properly and get disabled on incoming damage
* Fixed some rare bugs with the combination of Dispersion and Starfall
* Fixed some group selection inconsistencies with Primal Split units
* Fixed Windrunner to not cancel your movement command
* Fixed Phase Boots from canceling Curse of the Silent
* Fixed a bug with X Marks The Spot and Primal Split
* Fixed some issues with super creeps (in -sc) getting stuck
* Fixed Shackleshot and Nature's Guise to work on Sprout trees
* Fixed a recent bug with the -courier command
* Fixed Torrent buff icon
* Added -cm to -gameinfo
* Fixed being able to buy from secret shop from the area above Roshan
* Fixed some group selection priority issues with Circle of Power and the shops

6.57b :
* Fixed a few critical bugs that could cause some abilities to malfunction

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[Lyrics] Ikuo - Believer (Digimon Savers OST)

Song Lyrics | Lirik Lagu

Artist : Ikuo
Song Title : Believer

- Romanized Japanese -

Mou nanimo nai sekai ja
Kandou dekinai

Sou, kidzuita sonohi kara
Wakaru no sa

Furue o tomete
Hitomi o hirake
Kimi no jikan o tokihanate!

Hikari no ARCH egake
Todoku no sa shinji tsudzukeru naraba
Kimi o yobu koe ga
Kokoro de hajiketara
Subete ga hajimaru BELIEVER!

Tada hitotsu no yakusoku ga
Sekai o kaeru

Chiisa na koro miageteta
Hoshi no you ni

Kokoro no oku de
Matataku hikari
Yume to iu na no kagayaki e

Sore ga kimi no yakusoku
Kurayami o kirisakeru sono chikara
Omoi no tsuyosa ga
SPEED ageru kara
Sono mama tobu nda BELIEVER!

Hikari no ARCH egake
Todoku no sa shinji tsudzukeru naraba
Kimi o yobu koe ga
Kokoro de hajiketara
Subete ga hajimaru BELIEVER!

- Kanji -

もう なにもない世界じゃ



未来へ Shootin' star!
届くのさ 信じ続けるならば
すべてが始まる Believer!




You can be a Shootin' star!
暗闇を 切り裂けるそのチカラ
そのまま飛ぶんだ Believer!

未来へ Shootin' star!
届くのさ 信じ続けるならば
すべてが始まる Believer!

- English -

You can’t be moved
By the world that doesn’t have anything anymore

That’s right, since the day when you realize it
You understand

Stop trembling
Open your eyes
Release your own time!

Shootin’ star going towards the future!
Draw the arch of light
You’ll reach it, if you keep believing
When the voice that calls for you
Bursts open in your heart
Everything will start, Believer!

Just one promise
Will change the world

Like the stars
That you gazed up at when you were little

The sparkling light
In the depths of your heart
Goes toward brilliance named ‘dream’

You can be a Shootin’ star!
That’s your promise
Your power can tear apart the darkness
Because the strength of your feelings
Will raise your speed
So you’ll fly as you are, Believer!

Shootin’ star going towards the future!
Draw the arch of light
You’ll reach it, if you keep believing
When the voice that calls for you
Bursts open in your heart
Everything will start, Believer!

Yeah, Finally I Return to illusory World !

Apologize to entire/all visitor of my blog because one week ago a trouble happened at my ADSL modem. Yesterday I have initiative to call 147 (Telkom Call Center), but I have known if its technician surely newly come one week later.

Finally I try to see which part of causing PPP's lamp at my ADSL modem don't blaze (newly yesterday I don't busy). After succeeding to find its cause, easily I repair it and finally nowadays I can online again.

We thank you for your kind attention.

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Berani Mencoba

Alkisah, seorang pembuat jam tangan berkata kepada jam yang sedang dibuatnya.

"Hai jam, apakah kamu sanggup untuk berdetak paling tidak 31,104,000 kali selama setahun?" "Ha?," kata jam terperanjat, "Mana sanggup saya?"

"Bagaimana kalau 86,400 kali dalam sehari?"

"Delapan puluh ribu empat ratus kali? Dengan jarum yang ramping-ramping seperti ini?" jawab jam penuh keraguan.

"Bagaimana kalau 3,600 kali dalam satu jam?"

"Dalam satu jam harus berdetak 3,600 kali? Banyak sekali itu" tetap saja jam ragu-ragu dengan kemampuan dirinya

Tukang jam itu dengan penuh kesabaran kemudian bicara kepada si jam,

"Kalau begitu, sanggupkah kamu berdetak satu kali setiap detik?"

"Naaaa, kalau begitu, aku sanggup!" kata jam dengan penuh antusias.

Maka, setelah selesai dibuat, jam itu berdetak satu kali setiap detik.

Tanpa terasa, detik demi detik terus berlalu dan jam itu sungguh luar biasa karena ternyata selama satu tahun penuh dia telah berdetak tanpa henti.

Dan itu berarti ia telah berdetak sebanyak 31,104,000 kali

Ada kalanya kita ragu-ragu dengan segala tugas pekerjaan yang begitu terasa berat. Namun sebenarnya kalau kita sudah menjalankannya, kita teryata mampu. Bahkan yang semula kita anggap impossible untuk dilakukan sekalipun. Jangan berkata "tidak" sebelum Anda pernah mencobanya

Fable The Lost Chapters [PC]

The Lost Chapters features all the content found in the original Fable, as well as additional new content such as new monsters, weapons, items, armor, towns, buildings, and expressions. The story receives further augmentation in the form of nine new areas and sixteen additional quests. Characters such as Briar Rose and Scythe, who were unimportant in the original game (Scythe was not even mentioned, and Briar Rose only appeared twice), are now given more importance and are included in certain quests and side quests. Using the in-game menu systems, the player can examine their character’s basic details such as romance information (which includes sexuality, number of spouses, number of weddings, number of divorces, etc.), or other details such as their title. In Fable: The Lost Chapters Jack’s voice also changed into a slyer.

Download (Size: 2.16 gigabyte)

























Sunday, November 9, 2008

[Lyrics] Horie Yui - Egao no Mira e

Artist : Horie Yui
Song Title : Egao no Mira e

Ashita e mukau jikan ni makenai you ni
Kaze o kitte kakedasou yo motto
Kokoro no kui no nokoranai mainichi o okuri nagara
Ganbatteru kimi ni ageru egao no mirai o ...

Sumookii na jibun no michi
Okoru okoru aruita
Mayotte, tsumazuite,
Doro darake no mune no itami
Naki nagara haratta ne
Kuchibiru, kamishimete
Genjitsu wa kanari kibishii kedo
Koko made kita atsui yume no inochi
Tayasanai de

Ashita e mukau jikan ni makenai you ni
Kaze o kitte kakedasou yo motto
Ikutsu mono kizu o seotte sore demo chiisana hane o
Tabatakasete oozora e to mezasu kimi ga suki

Koi o shitari, kenka shitari
Sawagidasu kanjou wa
Kokoro no takaramono
Setsunasa to ka,
Itoshisa to ka hajimete fureru
Tomadoi shitte yuku
Genjitsu wa kanari otona dakedo
Kinou yori mo atsuku nareru inochi nakusanaide!

[Lyrics] Noda Junko - Sakura Saku (Love Hina OST)

Song Lyrics | Lirik Lagu

Artist : Noda Junko
Song Title : Sakura Saku

yane no ue de sora o aogu, hizashi wa uraraka
miageru sora, karadajuu genki ga minagitteku

THAT'S SO WONDERFUL! ikiterunda!
yamerarenai, akirameru da nante

tohou ni kureta kinou ni sayonara
futsufutsu to wakiagaru kono kimochi
nando demo yomigaeru, hana o sakaseyou
omoide wa itsu mo amai nige basho
dakedo tachi kire, asu o ikiru tame
shukufuku no toki wa kuru, te o nobashite

uruwashi no yawaraka na hada, imada te wa todokazu
me o tojireba fukuramu IMEEJI, miwaku no kajitsu

THAT'S SO WONDERFUL! ikiterunda!
yamerarenai, sono saki o mitai

dotou no hibi wa tsuzuku, doko made mo
tengoku to jigoku, yukitsu modoritsu
nando demo yomigaeru, hana o sakaseyou
hashire hashire, ai o te ni suru made
sore de kurushimu nara nozomu tokoro
shukufuku no toki ga kuru, te o nobashite

tohou ni kureta kinou ni sayonara
futsufutsu to wakiagaru kono kimochi
nando demo yomigaeru, hana o sakaseyou
omoide wa itsu mo amai nige basho
dakedo tachi kire, asu o ikiru tame
shukufuku no toki wa kuru, te o nobashite

te o nobashite, ryoute agete

Final Fantasy ORPG V1.18

Final Fantasy ORPG V1.18
by TriggerHappy187

Category : Role Playing (RPG)
Tileset : Sunken Ruins
Dimensions : 256x256
Playable Area : 245x244
Recommended Players : 2++
Size : 3129.5 KB

*Fixed Save/load bugs
*Sephiroth Can now carry swords by default
*Little Terrain Modification
*New Playable Character Vivi
NOTE : Vivi is in beta stages and can only be black mage

Report Any Bugs or Suggestions at http://www.clanmapz.co.nr/

Download Final Fantasy ORPG 1.18.w3x

Saturday, November 8, 2008

[Lyrics] Sind3ntosca - Kepompong

Song Lyrics | Lirik Lagu

Artist : Sind3ntosca
Song Title : Kepompong

Dulu kita sahabat
Dengan begitu hangat
Mengalahkan sinar mentari

Dulu kita sahabat
Berteman bagai ulat
Berharap jadi kupu-kupu

Kini kita melangkah berjauh-jauhan
Kau jauhi diriku karena sesuatu
Mungkin ku terlalu bertindak kejauhan
Namun itu karena ku sayang

Persahabatan bagai kepompong
Mengubah ulat menjadi kupu-kupu
Persahabatan bagai kepompong
Hal yang tak mudah berubah jadi indah
Persahabatan bagai kepompong
Maklumi teman hadapi perbedaan
Persahabatan bagi kepompong

Semua yang berlalu biarkanlah berlalu
Seperti hangatnya mentari
Siang berganti malam
Sembunyikan sinarnya
Hingga dia bersinar lagi

Dulu kita melangkah berjauh-jauhan
Kau jauhi diriku karena sesuatu
Mungkin ku terlalu bertindak kejauhan
Namun itu karena ku sayang

Persahabatan bagai kepompong
Mengubah ulat menjadi kupu-kupu
Persahabatan bagai kepompong
Hal yang tak mudah berubah jadi indah
Persahabatan bagai kepompong
Maklumi teman hadapi perbedaan
Persahabatan bagi kepompong



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[Lyrics] J-Rocks - Spirit

Song Lyrics | Lirik Lagu

Artist : J-Rocks
Song Title : Spirit

Takkan pernah lelah ku berlari
lewati semua rintangan yang menghalangi langkahku
dan membatasi mimpi-mimpiku

Ku takkan menyerah
meski lelah jiwa ‘tuk hadapi
Sampai mati ‘ku takkan berhenti

Setiap detik yang t’lah berlalu
Takkan pernah menunggu kita ‘tuk bisa pahami hidup
dan sesali semua yang t’lah lalu

Hadapi saja jangan kau ragu ‘tuk jalani hidup ini

Just spread all of your wings
And always chase your dreams
Leave all the pain and make our life begin
And when it seems to be hard to live in our ways
But we must go on and always struggling
To make all of our dreams come true


Just spread all of your wings
And always chase your dreams
Leave all the pain and make our life begin
And when it seems to be hard to live in our ways
But we must go on and always struggling
To make all of our dreams come true

Just spread all of your wings
And always chase your dreams
Leave all the pain and make our life begin
And when it seems to be hard to live in our ways
But we must go on and always struggling
To make all of our dreams come true

Breath of Fire 4 Characters [PSX]

: Swords

Ryu is the mysterious main character in Breath of Fire 4. In the beginning of the game, the storyline appears to focus on the search for Elina, but as time progresses we begin to learn more and more about the history of Ryu...

Biography :
Ryu, the main character in all the Breath of Fire games, returns as the main character in BoF4. When Nina finds him unconscious in the middle of the desert, he suddenly realizes he has no memory of where he had been, why he is here, or where he is going. Nina decides to take him with her on her search for Elina, in hopes that he can find his way. As the game progresses, Ryu's power will be revealed. Just like in the previous BoF games, Ryu has the power to command Dragons... both transforming into Dragons himself and summoning Dragons to do his bidding during battle.
Since he is the main character, he will almost always be in your party. He is an all-around good character, being above-average in just about all areas. His Dragon attacks will prove to be the most powerful weapons in your journey. Traditionally, his weapon is the Sword, and while in the lead he can swing it by pressing the Triangle button. This can be used to cut down trees or other such objects, and may have other uses as well...

Weapons : Staves and Rods

Nina is the sweet and kind Wyndian princess in your party. She plays a big role in the storyline. Although she is not a very good fighter when it comes to physical attack power and HP, she has some very deadly and powerful magic spells...

Biography :
Another trademark of the Breath of Fire series, Nina also makes an appearance as a main character in BoF4. Princess of Wyndia, Nina is a member of the Fae Tribe, a race of humans with wings. She stumbles across the unconscious Ryu after her sandflier crashes in the desert. Nina is on a search to find her missing sister Elina, but as the story progesses, she will be drawn deeper into Ryu's struggle...
Nina's strength is her magic. She is quite weak on the physical side, but her healing magic will prove to be invaluable in putting your party back together during a rough fight. Being a member of the Fae Tribe, she also commands some Wind Magic, and can even fly a bit with her Wings. By pressing the Square button in the field, Nina will fly into the air, giving you a bird's-eye view of the surrounding area.

Weapons : Fists

Ershin is a rather weird, but powerful, character. She doesn't even look human. Although Ershin has a pretty powerful physical attack earlier in the game, she will get very powerful group magic later in the game...

Weapons : Clubs and Bats

Cray is the more fierce and sometimes rude character in your team. He doesn't play a very big role in the game. Cray can be one of the strongest characters if you train him well. He is strong magically, but not so physically...

Weapons : Swords

Scias is the silenced lone wolf in your party. He can sometimes be very disturbing, and he has problems with talking. Scias has a lot of unique attacks and magic spells, both of which he's pretty good at...

Weapons : Guns

Although she is actually an Imperial general, Ursula decides to come with the others later in the game, when she realises what the Empire is doing behind the scenes all the time. Ursula is a powerful character all around...

Fou Lu
Weapons : Magical Swords

Fou Lu is the other and more powerful spliced half of the Yorae dragon. Fou Lu has an extremely powerful attack, and can turn into some dragon forms later in the game. Fou Lu isn't a true party member...

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Aveyond Quick Start Walkthrough [PC]

1.Open Aveyond.

2.If you want to play the game in full-screen mode, press ALT+ENTER on your keyboard.

3.From the Title screen, select New Game.

4.After the introduction is over, you start the game in a village called Clearwater. Go to your house. Your house is to the left of the first bridge.

5.In your house, go upstairs and talk to your dad (go up to him and press SPACEBAR on your keyboard). He asks you to bring back the village healer.

6.Leave your house and go east (across the first bridge). Then go north (up the stairs). Then go west (across the second bridge). Travel west until you reach the cliff, then go north until you see a cottage. This is the healer’s house. Go into the house and talk to the healer. She joins your party.

7.Go back to your dad. When you go upstairs, the healer will leave your party and talk to your dad. Your dad will ask you to talk to your mother.

8.Go talk to your mother. She asks you to bring her five marionbells.

9.Leave your house and go south to the meadow. You will see some kids picking flowers. Pick four marionbells here.

10.Go back towards the village and go into the cave. In the cave, go north. The cave will take you to another meadow where the last marionbell is. Pick the fifth marionbell here.

11.Go back home and give your mother the marionbells. She asks you to go to bed.

12.Go upstairs and to bed on the left. Walk into the your bed. This makes you sleep.

13.Go downstairs and talk to the priestess who is standing by the fireplace. Keep talking to her until she gives you a priestess ring.

14.Leave your house and go south to the cave. Talk to the boy at the cave entrance and then follow him into the cave.

15.Talk to the strange man in the cave. He captures you and takes you to a village in the east called Ghalarah. He sells you as a slave.

16.When you wake up in your room, read the note on your desk. This list contains the chores you have to do for the day.

17.Leave your house and go south into the village. Find the seamstress shop and talk to the seamstress. She will give you Lar’s traveling clothes.

18.Take the traveling clothes back to your house and give them to Mistress Rona.

19.Your next chore is to kill the spiders in Mistress Rona’s attic. Before you go up there, save your game. To do this:
•Press ESC on your keyboard. This opens the main menu.
•From the main menu, select Save Game.
•Select a save slot for your game and press ENTER on your keyboard.

20.After you have saved your game, go up to the attic and fight the spiders. Before you leave the attic, search each spider that you killed for goodies.

21.Go downstairs and talk to Mistress Rona. She asks you to find her son Lars.

22.Leave the house and go south into the meadow. Lars and two friends are there.

23.Talk to Lars then go back to your house and talk to Mistress Rona.

24.Go to bed.

25.In the morning, talk to Mistress Rona. Once again, she asks you to find Lars.

26.Leave the house and go south into the village. Lars is in the village tormenting a young boy. Talk to Lars.

27.You receive a token from an emissary who sees you and Lars. You must go to the city Veldarah.

28.Save your game and leave the village.

29.In the wilderness, avoid the snakes at all cost. Only fight the spiders when you have to. Go to the city Veldarah. The city is Northeast. If you get lost, look for a sign to tell you where you are.

30.In Veldarah, go Northwest to Shadwood Academy.

31.Go into Shadwood Academy and talk to the headmaster, Harald. He will give you a key to your room.

32.Go find your room in the academy and unlock the door.

33.Open the treasure chest in your room. You will get your school uniform.

34.Put on your school uniform. To do this:
•Press ESC.
•Select Items.
•Select your school uniform from the list and press ENTER.

35.Go to bed.

36.Go into the student courtyard and talk to Lorad. You must fight him to become a journeyman sword singer. Before you fight him, go out into the jungle and fight some spiders and snakes for experience. Also, make sure to save your game before you fight him.

37.After you fight Lorad, leave Shadwood Academy and go south into the city of Veldarah.

38.Near the entrance of the city, go into the junk dealer’s shop (look for a shop with a sign that has a key on it).

39.Go up to the ring in his shop and press ENTER. The junk dealer will ask you if you want to buy the ring.

40.Buy the ring and leave the junk dealer’s shop. The priestess will appear when you are leaving the shop. She tells you to meet her at the Empress’s palace.

41.In Veldarah, go northeast to the palace. In the palace, talk to the Empress. She will give you an important quest: Find seven druids and take them to a place called Aveyond.

42.Leave the palace and go to Shadwood Academy. Find Lars and talk to him. He will join your party.

43.Go to the entrance of Veldarah. You will see the priestess. Talk with her. She joins the party.

44.Leave Veldarah and go west. In the jungle, go northwest until you reach the overworld. If you get lost, look for signs to read.

45.In the overworld, go north and have the boatman take you to the Northern isle.

46.In the Northern Isle, go northeast until you see a cave (not the cave with the minor in it). The cave takes you to Aveyond.

47.In Aveyond, go east. After you pass Teacup town, go north to the temple.

48.Talk to the oracle in the temple.


At this point, the main quest for the game begins. You must search the isles for the druids and bring them to the temple in Aveyond. When you have done this, you will receive a relic of great power that can defeat Ahriman, the villain in the game.

I suggest that you go back to the Eastern Empire, head south through the Wildwood Forest, and then east to Lands End. In Lands End, there is a temple with the easiest druid to find. Go into the temple basement and fight the demon for the druid’s soul. Then, take the druid to Aveyond.

If you can’t remember which druids you need to save, you can check your journal to refresh your memory. To check your journal:
• Press ESC.
• Select Journal.

For more information about the main quest, please see the Aveyond Strategy Guide, which contains a thorough walkthrough of the entire game and information about all of the items in the game.

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[Lyrics] L'Arc~en~Ciel - Dive to Blue

Song Lyrics | Lirik Lagu

Artist : L'Arc~en~Ciel
Song Title : Dive to Blue

Habataku no sa sugu ni
dareka ga sasayaita
Hiza-shita no kyoukaisen tonde shimaou yo
Senaka-awase no jiyuu
Sabita kusari ni saisho kara tsunagarete nante nakattan dayo

Mune ni mune ni sora wo tsumete
Ao-iro no fukaku ni shizumitai

Doko made mo hatenaku yozora wo matoi
Atarashii sekai wo sagasou
Aitakute Aitakute yuremadou keredo
Mezameta tsubasa wa kesenai

Nani ga tadashii nante kotae wa nai sa
Eda-wakare shita michi Kami nomizo shiru
Tomerarenai speed kasoku suru hodo
Kodou wa takaku takanari oboete iku

Nanimo kamo ga ochite iku kedo
Kimi dake wa otona ni naranai de

Natsukashii hikari ni michibikare
anata wa yasashiku te wo furu
Minareta mirai ni mo wakare wo tsugete
Kowareta kensou wo egakou

Sadamerareta unmei wo kiri-saite
sora e to nukedasou

Ima mo ima mo oboeteiru
Osanai koro ni mita asa-yake wo

Doko made mo hatenaku yozora wo matoi
Atarashii sekai wo sagasou
Aitakute Aitakute yuremadou keredo
Mezameta tsubasa wa kesenai

Natsukashii hikari ni michibikare
anata wa yasashiku te wo furu
Minareta mirai ni mo wakare wo tsugete
Kowareta kensou wo egakou

Sadamerareta unmei wo kiri-saite
sora e to nukedasou

[Lyrics] Deen - Kimi Sae Ireba [Cooking Master Boy 3rd Opening]

Song Lyrics | Lirik Lagu

Artist : Deen
Song Title : Kimi Sae Ireba

Kimi sae ireba donna shoubu mo kachitsuzukeru
Kurayami wo kirisaku you ni i need your love

Suusenchi no zure wo kasanete guuzen wa unmei ni naru
Kutaku naku warau koe ni menjite
Yojigen no kaiwa mo narete tsui hikikomareteyuku

Kimi sae ireba harukana michi mo koeteyukeru donna toki mo mamorinuku
Daichi no mizu wa sukitooru hana wo sakaseru tane
Kurayami wo kiriaku you ni i need your love

Sonna serifu kodawari wa boku no yowasa
Chotto nigegoshi da to shitemo kawaranu ai wa chikaeru
Kantan janai futari dakara ii

Utsukushii no wa kowarekake da to shitteru kara? kiss de tagai wo kakushite
Suiheisen no saki ni ashita ga aru to shitara
Namikaze mo waruku wa nai i am no match for you

Kimi sae ireba donna shoubu mo kachitsuzukeru donna toki mo mamorinuku
Daichi no mizu wa sukitooru hana wo sakaseru tane
Kurayami wo kirisaku you ni i need your love
Arifureta kotoba wo narabete la la love

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Love Hina [Anime]

"Have you heard? It's said that if two people in love go to Toudai, they'll find happiness!"

"If it really works, let's go to Toudai together, okay?"

"When we grown up, we'll definitely meet at Toudai again."

"It's a promise."

Love Hina tells the story the promise mad by two childhood lovers. Although they planned to grow up together, the girl had to move away. Before she left, however, they promised that one day they would meet each other again at Toudai, Tokyo University.

Based on the manga by Ken Akamatsu, Love Hina first aired on TV Tokyo at 2001 (maybe). It ran for 25 episodes, and quickly became one the most popular anime series in Japan.

Love Hina centers around the characters Urashima Keitarou. A 20 years old student, he spends most of his time drawing and daydreaming of succes.
Remembering his promise to a childhood girlfriend fifteen years ago, he strives to go to Toudai, hoping that she will be there, already waiting for him. Unfortunately, he runs into two problems. No matter ow many times he takes the entrance exam, he is never accepted into Toudai. Even worse, he can't even remember the name of the girl he made the promise to.


While he is studying for yet another entrance exam, he invited to his grandmother's home. Named Hinata Sou, it is a beautiful house with it's own outdoor hot springs and expansive living quarters. When he gets there, he discovers that is had been converted into a women's dormitory. His aunt Haruka informs him that his grandmother has taken a leave of absence, and makes him the room manager, leaving him in charge of the dorm.

Much to his (mis?) Fortune, he is also left in charge of the five beautiful girls residing at the dorm. All of them seem to take pleasure in making his life miserable, and they all seem to throw some powerful punches, too. One of the girls, the 17 year old Narusegawa Naru, is a student at the local high school. The story of Love Hina devotes much of the story line to the interaction between Naru and Keitarou.
personal reasons for wanting to got to Toudai........

Love Hina is a very intriguing series. It mixes drama, romance, and slapstick comedy in a pleasing combination. The musix is incredibly cute, and also has some gorgeous slow pieces that create a very dramatic effect. If you like romantic shows, or just anime. Then you should definitely see Love Hina. It is one of the greatest new series from Japan, and it's no surprise that it became such a fast favorite. If ever you have the chance to whatch Love Hina, do yourself a favor, sit down, relax in the hotsprings of Hinata Sou and experience the magic of Toudai.

Links for Download Full Episodes of Love Hina :

Love Hina - 01
File Size: 62.07MB Download: English

Love Hina - 02
File Size: 70.2MB Download: English

Love Hina - 03
File Size: 70.19MB Download: English

Love Hina - 04
File Size: 62.07MB Download: English

Love Hina - 05
File Size: 62.09MB Download: English

Love Hina - 06
File Size: 62.1MB Download: English

Love Hina - 07
File Size: 62.09MB Download: English

Love Hina - 08
File Size: 62.07MB Download: English

Love Hina - 09
File Size: 62.05MB Download: English

Love Hina - 10
File Size: 62.11MB Download: English

Love Hina - 11
File Size: 62.19MB Download: English

Love Hina - 12
File Size: 62.09MB Download: English

Love Hina - 13
File Size: 62.1MB Download: English

Love Hina - 14
File Size: 62.1MB Download: English

Love Hina - 15
File Size: 62.08MB Download: English

Love Hina - 16
File Size: 62.06MB Download: English

Love Hina - 17
File Size: 62.11MB Download: English

Love Hina - 18
File Size: 62.11MB Download: English

Love Hina - 19
File Size: 61.77MB Download: English

Love Hina - 20
File Size: 62.15MB Download: English

Love Hina - 21
File Size: 61.89MB Download: English

Love Hina - 22
File Size: 62.09MB Download: English

Love Hina - 23
File Size: 62.14MB Download: English

Love Hina - 24
File Size: 65.05MB Download: English

Love Hina - 25
File Size: 71.77MB Download: English

Love Hina - Christmas Special
File Size: 142.08MB Download: English

Love Hina - Final Selection Movie
File Size: 93.33MB Download: English

Love Hina - Spring Special
File Size: 149.55MB Download: English

Updated :
All links has been removed due to copyright issue.

[Lyrics] ST 12 - Saat Terakhir

Song Lyrics | Lirik Lagu

Artist : ST 12
Song Title : Saat Terakhir

Tak pernah terpikir olehku
Tak sedikitpun ku bayangkan
Kau akan pergi tinggalkan kusendiri

Begitu sulit kubayangkan
Begitu sakit ku rasakan
Kau akan pergi tinggalkan ku sendiri

Dibawah batu nisan kini
Kau tlah sandarkan
Kasih sayang kamu begitu dalam
sungguh ku tak sanggup
Ini terjadi krna ku sangat cinta

Inilah saat terakhirku melihat kamu
Jatuh air mataku menangis pilu
Hanya mampu ucapkan
Selamat jalan kasih

Satu jam saja kutelah bisa cintai kamu kamu kamu di hatiku
Namun bagiku melupaknmu buth waktuku seumur hidup
Satu jam saja kutelah bisa sayangi kamu di hatiku
Namun bagiku melupakanmu butuh waktuku seumur hidup

Saturday, November 1, 2008

[Lyrics] Kerispatih - Demi Cinta

Song Lyrics | Lirik Lagu

Artist : Kerispatih
Song Title : Demi Cinta

Maaf kutelah menyakitimu
Kutelah kecewakanmu
Bahkan kusia-siakan hidupku
Dan kubawa kau seperti diriku

Walau hati ini trus menangis
Menahan kesakitan ini
Tapi kulakukan semua demi cinta

Akhirnya juga harus kurelakan
Kehilangan cinta sejatiku
Segalanya tlah kuberikan
Juga semua kekuranganku

Jika memang ini yang terbaik
Untuk diriku dan dirinya
Kan kutrima semua demi cinta

Jujur aku tak kuasa
Saat terakhir kugenggam tanganmu
Namun yang pasti terjadi
Kita mungkin tak bersama lagi

Bila nanti esok hari
Kutemukan dirimu bahagia
Izinkan aku titipkan
Kisah cinta kita selamanya

Friday, October 31, 2008

Cinta dan Perkawinan

Satu hari, Plato bertanya pada gurunya, "Apa itu cinta? Bagaimana saya bisa menemukannya?
Gurunya menjawab, " Ada ladang gandum yang luas didepan sana. Berjalanlah kamu dan tanpa boleh mundur kembali, kemudian ambillah satu saja ranting. Jika kamu menemukan ranting yang kamu anggap paling menakjubkan, artinya kamu telah menemukan cinta" Plato pun berjalan, dan tidak seberapa lama, dia kembali dengan tangan kosong, tanpa membawa apapun.
Gurunya bertanya, "Mengapa kamu tidak membawa satupun ranting?"
Plato menjawab, "Aku hanya boleh membawa satu saja, dan saat berjalan tidak boleh mundur kembali”

Sebenarnya aku telah menemukan yang paling menakjubkan, tapi aku tak tahu apakah ada yang lebih menakjubkan lagi di depan sana, jadi tak kuambil ranting tersebut. Saat kumelanjutkan berjalan lebih jauh lagi, baru kusadari bahwasanya ranting-ranting yang kutemukan kemudian tak sebagus ranting yang tadi, jadi tak kuambil sebatangpun pada akhirnya"

Gurunya kemudian menjawab "Jadi ya itulah cinta"
Di hari yang lain, Plato bertanya lagi pada gurunya, "Apa itu perkawinan? Bagaimana saya bisa menemukannya?"

Gurunya pun menjawab "Ada hutan yang subur didepan sana. Berjalanlah tanpa boleh mundur kembali (menoleh) dan kamu hanya boleh menebang satu pohon saja. Dan tebanglah jika kamu menemukan pohon yang paling tinggi, karena artinya kamu telah menemukan apa itu perkawinan"

Plato pun berjalan, dan tidak seberapa lama, dia kembali dengan membawa pohon. Pohon tersebut bukanlah pohon yang segar/subur, dan tidak juga terlalu tinggi. Pohon itu biasa-biasa saja.
Gurunya bertanya, "Mengapa kamu memotong pohon yang seperti itu?"

Plato pun menjawab, "Sebab berdasarkan pengalamanku sebelumnya, setelah menjelajah hampir setengah hutan, ternyata aku kembali dengan tangan kosong. Jadi dikesempatan ini, aku lihat pohon ini, dan kurasa
tidaklah buruk-buruk amat, jadi kuputuskan untuk menebangnya dan membawanya ke sini. Aku tidak mau menghilangkan kesempatan untuk mendapatkannya"
Gurunyapun kemudian menjawab, "Dan ya itulah perkawinan"

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Siapa yang Harus Didahulukan ?

Ada sebuah perusahaan besar yang sedang mencari karyawan. Dalam tes tertulisnya, mereka hanya memberikan satu kasus untuk dijawab:

"Anda sedang mengendarai motor di tengah malam gelap gulita dan hujan lebat di sebuah daerah yang penduduknya sedang diungsikan semuanya karena bencana banjir. Pemerintah setempat hanya bisa memberikan bantuan 1 buah bis yang saat ini juga sedang mengangkut orang-orang ke kota terdekat. Saat itu juga Anda melewati sebuah perhentian bis satu-satunya di daerah itu. Di perhentian bis itu, Anda melihat 3 orang yang merupakan orang terakhir di daerah itu yang sedang menunggu kedatangan bis:
* seorang nenek tua yang sekarat
* seorang dokter yang pernah menyelematkan hidup Anda sebelumnya
* seseorang yang selama ini menjadi idaman hati Anda dan akhirnya Anda

Anda hanya bisa mengajak satu orang untuk membonceng Anda. Siapakah yang akan Anda ajak? Dan, jelaskan jawaban Anda mengapa Anda melakukan itu!"

Sebelum Anda menjawab, ada beberapa hal yang perlu Anda pertimbangkan:
*Seharusnya Anda menolong nenek tua itu dulu karena dia sudah sekarat Jika tidak segera ditolong akan meninggal. Namun, kalau dipikir-pikir, orang yang sudah tua memang sudah mendekati ajalnya. Sedangkan yang lainnya masih sangat muda dan harapan hidup ke depannya masih panjang.

*Dokter itu pernah menyelamatkan hidup Anda. Inilah saat yang tepat untuk membalas budi kepadanya. api, kalau dipikir, kalau sekadar membalas budi bisa lain waktu kan? Namun, kita tidak pernah tahu kapan kita akan mendapatkan kesempatan itu lagi.

*Mendapatkan idaman hati adalah hal yang sangat langka. Jika kali ini Anda lewatkan, mungkin Anda tidak akan pernah ketemu dia lagi. Dan, impian Anda akan kandas selamanya. Jadi yang mana yang Anda pilih?

Dari sekitar 2000 orang pelamar, hanya 1 orang yang diterima bekerja di perusahaan tersebut. Orang tersebut tidak menjelaskan jawabannya, hanya menulis dengan singkat:
"Saya akan memberikan kunci motor saya kepada sang dokter dan meminta dia untuk membawa nenek tua yang sedang sekarat tersebut untuk ditolong segera. Sedangkan saya sendiri akan tetap tinggal di sana dengan sang idaman hati saya untuk menunggu ada yang kembali menolong kami."


Ya, jawaban di atas adalah jawaban yang terbaik bukan? Tapi, kenapa sebagian besar hal tersebut tidak kita pikirkan sebelumnya? Apakah karena kita terbiasa dengan tidak mau untuk melepas apa yang sudah kita dapatkan di tangan dengan susah payah? Dan, bahkan berusaha meraih sebanyak-banyaknya?

Terkadang..., dengan rela untuk melepaskan sesuatu yang kita miliki, melepaskan kekeraskepalaan kita, mengakui segala keterbatasan yang kita miliki dan melepaskan semua keinginan kita untuk sesuatu yang lebih mulia, kita akan mendapatkan sesuatu yang jauh lebih besar.

Yamee v. 1.3

Product Name: Yamee v. 1.3
Platforms: Java (J2ME)
Product Type: Freeware
Date Updated: 2008 Oct 16

Download to PC:
JAD file (Yamee.jad)
JAR file (Yamee.jar) Size: 174.55 Kb

Download via Wap:
Open wap.GetJar.com with your mobile -> Quick Download -> enter Quick Download Code 29959

Free Yahoo Messenger for your handphone and connect directly to Yahoo's server. You can make conference, add or delete contact, set or view the status and send message to group or several selected contact

This Messenger is also skinnable, you can change the UI skins from the setting menu. View others status from the text banner on the top and set your own status or set the custom status.

Download and install into your phone and enjoy it !

Features :
- add and remove contact
- conference
- contacts grouping
- send message to group or several selected contacts (press # to show the mark)
- send and receive BUZZ
- receive offline message
- incoming mail notifications
- typing notification
- offline/online notifications
- show/hide offline contacts (shortcut: press 0)
- set or view status (status shown on the top screen)
- skinnable (4 type skins)

-to show chat view, press *
-to show/hide offline contacts, press 0
-to show/hide the mark press #

New Features (ver 1.1)
- 60 emoticons
- message alerts : vibrate, sound, flash backlight

New Features (ver 1.2)
- Chat History (message archive)
- Send to Others (send message to buddy outside contact list)
- Add 4 emoticons (total 64 emoticons) and with bigger images
- Add set custom busy status
- Add new settings (enable/disable automatic open ChatView when receive message)
- New theme (gray skin changed into green skin)

*update : 14-09-2008
-better smiley/emoticons
-some minor bug fixing

*update : 25-09-2008
- some minor bug fixing
- support MIDP 1.0 and CLDC 1.0

New Features (ver 1.3)
- auto reconnect when connetion closed
- direct text input (you can input text and view chat in the same window)
- show/hide timestamp
- support qwerty
- support touchscreen
- numpad navigation for alternative navigation key

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cara Mengganti Icon Blogger di Address Bar

Pertama, sediakan gambar mini ukuran persegi (16x16, 32x32, dll.), usahakan tidak di atas 100x100 pixel karena nantinya akan mempengaruhi kebagusan gambar. Oo iya ekstensi dari tersebut harus ico / png / jpeg.

Kedua, upload icon Anda ke salah satu server photo gratisan semisal photobucket, picasa, atau servimg bisa juga nyimpan di googlepages. Hingga menjadi Direct links - Image url, dengan kata lain kita punya alamat icon pada salah satu server di atas.

Ketiga, copy kode di bawah ini,

<link href='http://www.tempatupload.com/iconkamu.jpg' rel='shortcut icon'/>

(ganti image url di atas dengan image url Anda) Simpan kode tersebut di edit html blog Anda simpan di bawah </title> di atas <b:skin><![CDATA[/* Klik SAVE. Lihat icon blog Anda sekarang!

Selamat mencoba!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Wogh keren amat judulnya.
Kejadian ini berawal kemarin ketika saya iseng-iseng ingin mencoba membeli kartu perdana AXIS setelah 3-4 bulan terakhir ini tidak memakainya (yang lama udah hangus alias ga berlaku lagi) . Saya pun segera meluncur ke TKP setelah kuliah selesai.

Brum . . brum . .

Sesampai di TKP dan memarkir motor, saya pun segera melihat-lihat kartu perdana yang dijual. Karena saya tidak melihat satu pun spesies dari kartu perdana AXIS, saya pun bertanya kepada mas penjual. Mas penjualnya segera berjalan ke dalam dan keluar lagi dengan beberapa buah kartu perdana AXIS. Saya pun memilih salah satu nomor dan segera membayarnya. Tetapi setelah saya membayar masnya berkata, "Mau diaktifkan mas ? Kalo ngga bisa nanti dikembalikan saja. Ini seharusnya sudah expired bulan kemarin." Langsung saja saya jawab, "Ya iyalah mas. Masa beli cuma buat pajangan . Btw kalo resiko kaya gini diskon donk mas." Mas penjualnya pun mengiyakan akhirnya saya dapat membeli sebuah kartu perdana dengan harga murah walaupun ada resiko tidak dapat dipakai .

Saya pun segera pulang ke rumah. Di rumah saya langsung mengambil HP, melepas kartu simPATI, dan memasang kartu AXIS yang baru saya beli tersebut. Seperti biasa, kita harus melakukan registrasi ke 4444 untuk setiap kartu perdana yang baru dipakai.

Eits, ngomong-ngomong karena ada registrasi di 4444, berarti nih kartu bisa dipake donk. Aseek . . Murah meriah . .

Setelah registrasi selesai saya pun menyalakan komputer dan membuka situs AXIS untuk mendownload settingan GPRS AXIS. Tidak berapa lama setelah saya request lewat web site, sebuah pesan muncul di HP saya. Tanpa pikir panjang saya menginstall settingan GRPS AXIS tersebut.

Tetapi, karena pengalaman saya dulu GPRS AXIS baru aktif dalam waktu 1x24 jam, saya pun mengganti kembali kartu saya dengan simPATI. Ada beberapa SMS yang masuk , mau tidak mau harus segera dibalas. Setelah membalas semua SMS, saya mencoba login Yamee (sejenis program chatting atau lebih jelasnya Yahoo Messenger untuk HP). Saya coba beberapa menit ga nyambung-nyambung juga karena entah kenapa akhir-akhir ini GPRS simPATI agak sulit koneknya. Dibuat browsing pake Opera Mini aja waktu loading masih patah-patah bar loadingnya.

Saya pun mencoba kartu AXIS yang baru saya beli.

Teng . .

SMS dari 333 muncul. Selamat Anda mendapat RBT gratis. Wogh, sep bener dapat RBT gratis. Mayan lah . Eits, tapi itu bukan tujuan utama saya. Saya langsung membuka Opera Mini dan membuka email. Tidak disangka langsung nyambung dalam sekejap.

Wuzz . .

Lebih cepat dari simPATI. Setelah lihat-lihat email yang masuk, saya membuka program Yamee dan lagi-lagi

Wuzz . .
Nyambung dengan cepat. Benar-benar mantap dah AXIS yang sekarang . SMS ke sesama AXIS 1 rupiah, telepon hari sabtu/minggu ke sesama AXIS 1 rupiah, ditelepon selama 1 menit dapat 100 rupiah, sekarang kabar gembira lagi layanan GPRSnya semakin cepat.
Salut buat AXIS.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Biografi ST 12


Vocal : Muhammad Charly van Houten
Guitar : Dedy Sudrajat
Drums : Ilham Febry

Guitar : Iman Rush [2005]

ST12 adalah grup musik beraliran musik Melayu. ST12 didirikan di Bandung oleh Ilham Febry alias Pepep (drum), Dedy Sudrajat alias Pepeng (gitar), Muhammad Charly van Houten alias Charly (vokal), dan Iman Rush (gitar).

Awalnya, keempat personel ini tak saling kenal, meski mereka telah lama berkecimpung di dunia musik. Mereka mulai akrab setelah sering bertemu di studio rental di Jalan Stasiun Timur 12, Bandung, milik Pepep. Mereka pun akhirnya resmi mendirikan ST12 pada tanggal 20 Januari 2005. Nama ST12 yang merupakan kependekan dari Jl. Stasiun Timur No. 12 adalah nama pemberian ayah Pepep, Helmi Aziz.
Meski keempat personel ini memiliki aliran musik favorit yang berbeda, Charly menggemari jazz, Pepep suka jazz dan rock, sementara Pepeng tumbuh bersama musik rock, namun mereka kompromi untuk membuat ST12 beraliran melayu.

ST12 terpaksa merilis album perdana mereka melalui jalur independent (indie) karena tak ada label yang mau menampung mereka. Sayang, pada bulan Oktober 2005, saat tur promosi album di Semarang, Iman Rush meninggal akibat pecah pembuluh darah di otak.

Trinity Optima Production mulai melirik ST12 setelah album perdana, JALAN TERBAIK (2005), meraih sukses. Album kedua, P.U.S.P.A (2008) yang didedikasikan untuk Iman, dirilis di bawah label Trinity.

Kenang Iman Rush

KESETIAKAWANAN menjadi pedoman yang dipegang teguh oleh kelompok musik pop asal Bandung, ST12, ini dibuktikannya (Jumat, 4 Juli 2008), di Jakarta. Lewat acara launching album terbaru mereka bertajuk “PUSPA”, ST12 mencurahkan perasaannya kepada penonton tentang mendiang kawannya yang telah meninggal dunia, Iman Rush.
ST12 adalah grup band yang memiliki formasi awal dengan empat personel; Charly (vokal), Pepep (dram) dan Pepeng (gitar),dan Iman Rush (gitaris). Setelah ditinggal Iman Rush, ST12 tetap eksis berkarya dengan dukungan beberapa personal tambahan (additional player).
Dalam album teranyarnya, ST12 mengandalkan tembang “PUSPA” dan “Saat Terakhir” untuk meraih hits diblantika musik Indonesia. Diakui Charly, lagu “Saat Terakhir” merupakan persembahan ST12 untuk kawan mereka yang telah meninggal, Iman Rush.
Dalam konser sekaligus launching semalam, tak bisa dipungkiri, personel ST12 larut dalam kesedihan. Pemicunya adalah lagu “Saat Terakhir” yang membuat sang Vokalis meneteskan air mata.
Sebenarnya lagu “Puspa” bukan lagu dengan intonasi lambat dan mendayu-dayu, seperti kebanyakan lagu sedih. Lagu Puspa yang dibawakan sempurna oleh ST12 memiliki irama riang ala chacha. Liriknya pun jenaka. Simak saja syairnya; “Jangan jangan kau menolak cintaku, jangan-jangan kau tak trima cintaku. Putuskanlah saja pacarmu, lalu bilang I Love You padaku,” begitu penggalan lirik bagian reffrain lagu itu.
Bagi seluruh personel ST12, Iman Rush adalah sosok yang baik dan setia kawan. “Iman adalah pedoman hidup dan inspirator kami,” ujar Pepep.
Sebagai informasi, nama ST12 diambil dari nama jalan dimana mereka berkumpul, yakni Jalan Stasiun Timur Nomor 12, Bandung. Mengawali karir sebagai band indie, mereka sempat melahirkan hits “Aku Sayang Padamu”. Namun, dialbum kedua ini mereka direkrut label Trinity Production.( http://www.indonesiantunes.com/)

ST12 Geber Single Kedua

Kapanlagi.com - Setelah single Puspa dari album kedua yang bertajuk PUSPA berhasil mendulang sukses, kini ST12 kembali menggeber single kedua bertajuk Cari Pacar Lagi. Single tersebut masih dalam proses penggarapan video klip, dengan model Wulan Guritno.
Diungkapkan oleh Charlie, vokalis ST12, Rabu (13/8), video klip dengan lokasi penggarapan di Setu Babakan Jagakarsa, Jakarta Selatan tersebut berkonsep ‘konyol’ sesuai dengan tema lagu.
“Ini video klip yang beda, karena lebih dramatis dari sebelumnya. Dan kita berperan bukan sebagai diri kita,” tuturnya.
Untuk konsep secara keseluruhan, ST12 mempercayakan semua pada sutradara Abimael Gandhi. “Kita hanya memberikan sedikit masukan dan sutradara menerjemahkan lagu dalam bentuk visual,” urai Charlie.
Soal dipilihnya Wulan Guritno sebagai model didasarkan pada hubungan simbiosis mutualisme. Saling menguntungkan dua pihak.
“Kita tahu siapa Wulan Guritno banyak penggemar, dengan melihat Wulan mereka juga akan lihat ST12,” terang Pepep, drummer ST12. (Rabu, 13 Agustus 2008/ Kapanlagi.com)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Legend of Legaia Walkthrough - v1.5 [PSX]

Dedicated to all those who lost their lives and whose lives were changed forever
by the school shooting in Littleton, Colorado.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious." -Albert


Legend of Legaia Walkthrough - v1.5
American version for Playstation
by R. Angotti Jr. (r_angotti@yahoo.com)

This document copyright 1999 by R. Angotti. This document is for
private and personal use only. This document may be placed on a
web site as long as it is completely unaltered and in full. This
document is NOT to be used for proftable or promotional purposes,
including, but not limited to; magazines, books, guides, etc.
in any way whatsoever.

This document was created and owned by R. Angotti Jr.
All copyrights are acknowledged.
Thanks to Kao Megura for guidelines for the notice above.
The latest verion of this walkthrough can always be be found at:
GameFAQ's - http://www.gamefaqs.com and http://www.console-gamer.com

[T a b l e o f C o n t e n t s]

I. [U p d a t e s & I n t r o d u c t i o n]
II. [A r t M o v e s]
III. [T h e C h a r a c t e r s & T h e S t o r y]
IV. [T h e S e r u a n d t h e R a - S e r u]
V. [T h e W a l k t h r o u g h]
VI. [S e c r e t s]
VII. [S t o l e n / D r o p p e d I t e m L i s t]
VIII. [F i s h i n g]
IX. [I t e m / P r i c e / S h o p L i s t]
X. [C o n c l u s i o n / T h a n k s]


I. - [U p d a t e s]

April 17, 1999 (v1.0) - First edition of this walkthrough. Instead of releasing
this walkthrough and then updating it, I waited until I completed the game.
Anyways... the walkthrough is complete, all of the Art Moves and Seru & Ra-Seru
spells are here, as well as some secrets and story & character descriptions.
Enjoy this!

April 19, 1999 (v1.1) - It seemed that the last version of this
document looked really screwed for a lot of people. Most
importantly, all of the underscores in this document were not there
when it was viewed on a webpage. So this made it look like my e-mail
address was rangotti@yahoo.com when it is actually r_angotti@yahoo.com.
It also made my macro looked worse then it already does. If you did happen to
e-mail me at rangotti@yahoo.com, please resend that mail to r_angotti@yahoo.com.
Finally, if anybody has any ideas of things I can add to this guide, let me
know. Thanks!

April 21, 1999 (v1.2) - Tried to fix some format problems. Also, I added a new
secret to the Secrets section -- how to get the Juggernaut spell [thanks to

April 22, 1999 (v1.3) - Ahhh! Stupid format problems... will they ever end?
Also, I added a list of enemies and what items they drop or that you can steal
from them (thanks to PSM).

May 13, 1999 (v1.4) - A couple of new sections added. I got a lot of questions
about fishing so I added a section for that as well as a mini-game section. I
fixed a few errors and added some more secrets. Also and most importantly, I
added an item/price/shop list. Check out Section IV. Cleared up a few things
in secrets section thanks to (see thanks section to
find out exactly what)! Finally, added how to get Mettle Goblet (keeps wearer's
AP at 100 -- always!) in Bio Castle (see walkthrough), thanks to
! I am hoping to add an item and/or enemy description
list in the next update.

May 19, 1999 (v1.5) - Well... the item/enemy description list isn't here, but a
little of some other stuff is. I added a secret on how to get an item that
raises its users life by 25% (thanks to Seifer Zero). Check the Secrets Section
for that. Also added tip on how to get the Earth Jewel in the East Voz Forest
(see walkthrough) thanks to ! Added Door of Wind secret
(see Secrets Section) and Accessory Tips for Vahn in Muscle Dome (see mini-game
section) thanks to . Added note in Introduction.
Made some small fixes (mistypes) and fixed some punctuation. Look for that item
and/or enemy description and location list (I'm working on it!)

[I n t r o d u c t i o n]

(Note to self: On next walkthrough make a better introduction)

I rewrote this introduction about six times. I can't get my point
accross without being too wordy. Anyways... basically, welcome to
my Legend of Legaia guide. It has all of the things a Legend of Legaia
guide should have... Art Moves, Ra-Seru spells, Character & Story Descriptions,
secrets, and of course, the walkthrough (and much more). I hope you enjoy this
-- I worked hard on it. I spent a lot of time perfecting small things, I hope
some of you can appreciate that. Listed below are a few things
about my guide:

1) The Walkthrough isn't spectacularly detailed or anything
(but it will help)
2) I usually only list the important items at the beginning of each
dungeon walkthrough section. Explore cupboards, cabinets, etc. to
find items.
3) At the beginning of each dungeon I also list the enemies.
If the enemy is listed as something like *Barra (Wind)* that
means that you can learn a Wind Ra-Seru spell from this enemy
(the type of spell being in parenthesees [See Section IV).

If you have anything questions, comments, complaints, problems,
dilemas, ideas, information, suggestions (you get the point), etc. e-mail me
at r_angotti@yahoo.com. However, be advised that just about all
of my Legend of Legaia knowledge is here. If you have a Legend of Legaia tip or
some information on where to find an item or anything that can be added to this
guide, please e-mail me! You know where to reach me...

So Long,
Rob A. (r_angotti@yahoo.com)

Note: Not all of the tips people have sent to me (like finding certain items in
certain places) have been confirmed. If you find some incorrect information in
this guide, please let me know. Also, some people might have took this FAQ and
put it on their sites without letting me know (so I can't send them updates).
The latest version of this walkthrough can be found at GameFAQs -
http://www.gamefaqs.com and Console-Gamer - http://www.console-gamer.com!


II. - [A r t M o v e s]

*Vahn's Moves*:
Hyper Elbow: (18 AP) left, right, left
Charging Scorch: (18 AP) down, right, up
Somersault: (18 AP) up, down, up
Slash Kick: (18 AP) up, down, left
Power Punch: (18 AP) left, left, down
Cross-Kick: (24 AP) down, down, down, up
Pyro Pummel: (24 AP) left, right, up, left
Spin Combo: (24 AP) up, down, right, left
PK Combo: (24 AP) down, up, up, left
Hurricane: (24 AP) up, up, down, down
Cyclone: (24 AP) down, up, up, up

-Hyper Arts-:
Tornado Flame: (30 AP) right, right, left
Fire Blow: (32 AP) right, right, down, left
Burning Flare: (40 AP) right, down, left, down, left
Power Slash: (54 AP) down, right, up, down, up, down, left

-Super Arts-:
Fire Tackle: (54 AP) left, right, left, left, down, right, up
Maximum Blow: (54 AP) down, right, up, down, left, left, down
Tri-Somersault: (60 AP) up, down, up, up, up, down, up
Rolling Combo: (66 AP) up, down, right, left, left, down, up, up, left

-Miracle Art-:
Vahn's Craze: (99 AP) right, down, left, up, left, up, right, down, left

*Noa's Moves*:
Lizard Tail: (9 AP) up, down, up
Acrobatic Blitz: (9 AP) up, down, down
Sonic Javelin: (9 AP) right, down, right
Blizzard Bash: (9 AP) right, left, down
Mirage Lancer: (12 AP) right, right, up, up
Dolphin Attack: (12 AP) right, right, left, right
Bird Step: (12 AP) down, down, down, up
Swan Diver: (12 AP) down, up, up, up
Tough Love: (15 AP) down, up, down, left, right
Rushing Gale: (15 AP) up, up, left,down, right
Tempest Break: (18 AP) right, right, left, up, up, up

-Hyper Arts-:
Frost Breath: (20 AP) left, left, right, right
Vulture Blade: (25 AP) left, left, right, left, right
Hurricane Kick: (35 AP) left, up, up, up up, down, right
Super Javelin: (48 AP) up, up, left, down, right, down, right

-Super Arts-:
Dragon Fangs: (54 AP) up, down, up, up, up, down, down
Triple Lizard: (66 AP) down, down, down, up, up, up, down, up
Super Tempest: (60 AP) right, right, left, right, right, left, up, up, up
Love You: (72 AP) right, right, up, up, down, up, down, left, right

-Miracle Art-:
Noa's Ark: (99 AP) left, up, right, down, up, left, up, down, right

*Gala's Moves*:
Flying Knee Attack: (18 AP) down, up, left
Battering Ram: (18 AP) left, right, down
Ironhead: (18 AP) up, down, down
Back Punch: (18 AP) left, right, left
Guillotine: (18 AP) left, up, left
Head-Splitter: (18 AP) left, up, up
Side Kick: (24 AP) down, down, up, up
Black Rain: (24 AP) up, left, down, down
Neo Raising: (30 AP) left, left, right, up, left
Electro Thrash: (30 AP) up, left, down, right, left
Bull Horns: (30 AP) left, up, right, down, left

-Hyper Arts-:
Thunder Punch: (30 AP) right, right, left
Lightning Storm: (32 AP) right, right, up, left
Explosive Fist: (40 AP) right, right, left, left, left
Rushing Crush: (54 AP) left, right, down, up, left, up, up

-Super Arts-:
Super Ironhead: (54 AP) down, up, left, up, up, down, down
Back Punch x2: (54 AP) up, down, down, up, left, right, left
Heaven's Drop: (60 AP) down, up, left, up, up, left, down, down
Neo Static Raising: (66 AP) left, right, left, up, left, left, right, up, left

-Miracle Art-:
Gala Final: (99 AP) right, right, down, up, down, up, down, left, left


III. - [T h e C h a r c t e r s & G a m e D e s c r i p t i o n]
*Thanks to T&T - Issue 50*


Vahn - The central character, Vahn is a classic well-balanced fighter.
He earns his Ra-Seru, Meta, at the start of the game and thus gets a
jump on the other two characters in terms of power. His attribute is
fire and his Fighting Arts moves cause fire-based damage. He is
fighting to rid the world of the Mist and save his home in the village
of Rim Elm.

Noa - Raised by a Ra-Seru named Terra, Noa is searching for the truth
behind her abandonment by her parents when she was just a baby. She
joins Vahn on his quest to destroy the Mist. Noa is the weakest
character in terms of attacking, but she is also the fastest, which
means she usually gets the first turn in battle. She also starts
with the longest initial AP bar and has a Fighting Arts move called
Tough Love which confuses enemies and turns them against each other.
Her attribute is Wind.

Gala - Gala is a Biron Warrior-Monk who joins the team after bonding
with the Ra-Seru Ozma. He is very weak initially, but becomes the
strongest character in the course of the adventure. His attribute
is Thunder and his Fighting Arts do electric-type damage. He prefers
clubs and axes as weapons of choice.

-[Game Description]-

>From the producer of the popular RPG Wild Arms comes Sony's newest
role playing game, Legend of Legaia. A mysterious mist is covering
the world of Legaia, transforming any living creature it touches
into mindless monsters bent on destruction. These beasts are known
as Seru. Only the power of the mystical beings called Ra-Seru--and
the Genesis Trees in which they live--can banish the mist and reverse
its effects. Vahn, a young hunter from the village of Rim Elm, sets
out to restore the power of the Genesis Trees and put an end to the
evil mist and its creator.


IV. - [T h e S e r u a n d t h e R a - S e r u]

*Following Description also thanks to T&T*.

In the course of the game, the main characters will join forces with
Ra-Seru they find in the Genesis Trees. The Ra-Seru attach themselves
to the characters and give them the ability to cast magic. Magic comes
in the form of the summoned Seru the character has defeated. Certain
Seru have elemental symbols in their names. When defeated with normal attacks,
the character's Ra-Seru will absorb the power of these enemies
and gain the ability to summon them into battle. Often a Seru of the
same type will have to be defeated several times before the Ra-Seru can
learn the magic ability. The summoned creatures will gain levels as
they are used in battle and do more damamge, or restore more HP, and
can also gain abilities such as decreasing an enemies attack power.
Whenever you face an elemental Seru, be sure to have one of your
Ra-Seru-equipped characters defeat it with hand to hand attack.
The powerful attack spells are indispensible against some of the later
bosses, and if you miss the opportunity to aquire them you'll regret it.

Listed below are the Seru spells. The word under "Seru Name" is the creature
you must defeat in order to aquire the spell.

Name Type Effect MP Used Seru Name
Sonicsizer Wind Attack Enemy 32 Swordie
Hell Dive Wind Attack Enemy 85 Barra
Violent Wind Wind Attack Enemy 48 Nova
Deadly Rain Water Attack All Enemies 110 Slippery
Freezing Point Water Attack All Enemies 40 Freed
Bubble Crush Water Poison All Enemies 28 Gizam
Crazy Driver Earth Attack Enemies 60 Mushura
Canine Fangs Earth Attack Enemy 72 Kemaro
Odd Dimension Earth Attack All Enemies 90 Iota
Final Blaster Light Kill or Attack Enemy 90 Aluru
Mystic Care Light Recover HP Ally 6 Vera
Holy Orb Light Recover HP All Allies 18 Orb
Holy Eyes Light Recover HP All Allies 45 Spoon
Plasma Storm Thunder Attack All Enemies 64 Viguro
Turning Laser Thunder Attack Enemy + Range 24 Theeder
Burning Attack Fire Attack Enemy 10 Gimard
Spinning Flare Fire Attack All Enemies 40 Gola Gola
Vertical Hammer Fire Attack Enemy + Range 36 Zenoir
Hell's Music Dark Kill or Confuse Enemy 13 Nighto
Dream Illusion Dark Attack All Enemies 120 Puera


V. - [W a l k t h r o u g h]

-*Rim Elm*-
Items in this area: [Magic Leaf, Healing Leaf (4), Hunting Clothes, Mei's
Pendant, Point Card]

Check the sign behind the Genesis Tree for an overlook of the town. Explore the
village and check the cupboards in some houses to find items. Note the Save
Point in the cave. Talk to Tetsu on the beach to learn a little about Art Moves
and combat. Rest at Vahn's house to start a chain of events. Once you gain
control of Vahn, talk to the owner in the Weapons Shop to get three Healing
Leaves. Head to Mei's house and tell her that the mist is here and for her to
come with you (this will give you Mei's Pendant when you exit Rim Elm). Go to
the Genesis Tree to get Vahn's Ra-Seru, Meta. Return to Vahn's house and tell
his father to gather the people at the Genesis Tree. Exit Rim Elm, then return
and visit the top floor of the weapons shop to find a Point Card in a drawer.
Also, by equiptment for Vahn at the shop. Don't forget to save.
[Enemies on World Map (in this area): Evil Fly, Green Slime, Gel Frog, Gobu
Gobu, Gomboo, Hornet, Lippian, Ostrich, Twin Tomb.]

-*Traveler's/Hunter's Spring*-
Items in this area: [Healing Leaf]

Traveler's Spring is located to the west of Rim Elm. Not much to do here. Talk
to people and heal yourself. Pick up a Healing Leaf from a "treasure box". You
may want to level up nearby since healing here is free.

-*Drake Castle*-
Items in this area: [Fire Book I, Fury Boost, Healing Leaf (2), Lightning Key,
Mountain Key, Star Key, Sunrise Key, Survival Knife]

Enemies in this area: [Drake Ghost, *Gimard (Fire)*, Skeleton]

The main thing to do in this dungeon is to collect keys and open doors. Get the
Sunrise Key from a room on the left on the first floor. Collect the Healing Leaf
from the treasure box. On the second floor, take the southernmost room to get a
Fury Boost and the Lightning Key. On the third floor, get the Survival Knife in
the left room and the Star Key in another room. On the fourth floor, snag the
Healing Leaf and then take a southern door. In the left room you can find the
Mountain Key. Sleep, save, and collect the Fire Book I in the right room. Exit
the castle.

-*Snowdrift Cave*-
Items in this area: [Healing Shroom (4), Nail Glove]

You are now in control of Noa. Save at the nearby Save Point. You must follow
Terra throughout the cave. You will have to practice a bit of fighting in one
"room". While here you can talk to Terra to regain your HP. Eventually, you
will be lead back to the start. Terra will join you. Exit.

-*Mt. Rikuroa*-
Items in this area: [Healing Bloom (2), Healing Leaf (2), Guardian Water,
Phoenix, Power Water, Scarlet Jewel, Speed Elixir, Vahn Fist]

Enemies in this area: [Moldy Worm, Pump Bat, *Vera (Light)*]

As Noa, head through the cave. Eventually you will fight Golem. Use your best
Arts (wow, great advice!) to defeat this thing. When you reach a certain point,
you will have to control Vahn again. Make sure to explore each and every path
and area thoroughly to find the items listed. Make sure to get the Vahn Fist!
Don't forget to save. When Vahn and Noa meet, they will be faced with...

Hit this beast with Vahn's "Burning Attack". When you can't do this anymore,
give him all you've got with your best Art Moves. Let Noa concentrate on
healing, while sneaking an attack in once and awhile.

-*Drake Castle (Second Visiting)*-
Items in this area: [Fighting Robe, Healing Leaf (11) or Healing Leaf (6) or
Magic Leaf, Swift Water, Water Key]

Explore the castle to find the items. Talk to people and visit the shops. When
Noa questions you in front of the Item Shop, answer 1: Healing Berry, 2: Escape
from dungeon, 3: Wats to get 10 Healing Leaves. If you answer wrong you will
get 5 Healing Leaves or a Magic Leaf. Tell Noa you don't know what money is in
front of the Weapons Shop to get a free Fighting Robe. Buy whatever weapons and
and accessories you can. When finished, exit.

-*The Water Gate*-
Items in this area: [Wind Book I, Phoenix, Life Water]

Using the Water Key opens the eastward path to Biron Monastery. You'll pick up
the Wind Book I, containing Noa's first Hyper Arts. Take the path to Biron

-*Biron Monastery*-
Items in this area: [Power Elixir, Phoenix, Healing Bloom]

Check the big statue to find a Power Elixir. You can save and rest upstairs as
well as shop. Check the pot for a Phoenix. Talk to Zopu to start a
celebration. Talk to everyone and when you talk to Gala and Songi, Zopu will
ask you to revive the Genesis Tree. You MUST go to the West Voz Forest... even
if you choose to go to the East Voz Forest, you will have to go to the West Voz

-*West Voz Forest*-
Items in this area: [Magic Amulet, Noa Feral, Fertilizer, Ra-Seru Egg]
Enemies in this area: [Gel Frog, Lippian, *Nighto (Dark)*, *Vera (Light)*]

You must find the fertilizer and use it on the Bridge Grass to pass through.
The fertilizer is located in a pipe-like object to the left of the start. After
locating the Genesis Tree, return to the mist-covered Biron Monastery.

-*Biron Monastery (Second Visiting)*-
Enemies in this area: [*Gimard (Fire)*, *Theeder (Thunder)*]

Equip the Ra-Seru egg -- it halves Thunder-based attacks. Go to Maya's room,
then to the room with the Save Point, and then out to the East Voz Forest.

-*East Voz Forest*-
Items in thia area: [Azure Jewel, Cure Amulet, Survival Club, Weed Hammer]
Enemies in thia area: [*Gizam (Water)*, Mushrin, Twin Tomb]

=Tip (submitted by Rawin1@prodigy.net) - After locating the Genesis Tree in East
Voz Forest and after Meta tells you to wake the tree, you can walk north of the
tree to the bush and find the Earth Jewel=

Take the northeast path to find the Weed Hammer -- use it to pass the Crystal
Grass area.

As usual, use your best Art Moves and pound away at these guys. Don't use magic
with Noa or Vahn and make sure they get the final blow -- this will let them
learn a Thunder attack.

-*Biron Monastery (Third Visiting)*-

Upon returning to Biron Monastery, Maya will give you 10 Healing Leaves - oh
boy! You can also buy new things from the shopkeeper.

-*Zeto's Dungeon (Mist Generator)*-
Items in this area: [Burning Jewel, Short Sword, Tempest Jewel, Thunder Book I
Enemies in thia area: [*Gimard (Fire)*, *Gizam (Water)*, *Nighto (Dark)*,
*Theeder (Thunder)*, *Vera (Light)*, *Zenoir (Fire)*]

Make sure to let Gala learn the spells from the enemies (especially the one from
Zenoir). To find the Short Sword, look behind the elevator on the lower floor.

Gala fights this battle all alone. Use the spell learned from Zenoir (you got
it, right?) and his best Art Moves to get this guy out of the way. Collect the
Mettle Ring, save, and get ready for...

Again, you are going to have to use the age old strategy -- hit him hard while
keeping your characters alive. If Zeto uses an attack called "Call Wave", he is
going to use a powerful attack called "Big Wave" on his next turn. Have your
characters use Spirit to raise their defense, so "Big Wave" is lest devastating.

Return to Rim Elm and talk to Mei. Find out about Noa and your next adventure.

-*Ancient Wind Cave*-

>From the start, the door to the northwest leads to a shop. You can shop here,
if you have the money. Anyways, check the barrels for some items. Flip the
switch in the back of the room to enter the Old Witch's Inn. Vahn, Noa, and
Gala will hear a voice in their dreams... the voice says -- head for Octam.
Before you go, build up enough money and purchase three Earth Jewels. Continue
through and out of the cave to the Sebucus Islands.

-*Sebucus Islands*-
Enemies in thia area: [Death Wings, Hell's Trigger, Kabuki Rat, Killer Bison,
Lip Kid, Mad Ogre, Oak Slime, Ogre 2, Poisonous Worm, Wolf]

Just follow the (northwest) path until you reach Jeremi.

-*Jeremi & Sky Garden Center*-
Enemies in thia area: [Guardian, Kabuki Rat, *Nighto (Dark)*, Ogre 2, Spikefish,
*Swordie (WInd)*]

The town of Jeremi and all of it's citizens have been affected by the mist.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and you will) is to reach the top
of the Sky Tower (okay... that was stupid, I know... it won't happen again, I
promise). Use the elevators to make it to the top and meet...

This fight will be a lot easier if each of your characters is equipped with an
Earth Jewel. Having these equipped lessens Berserker's Stone Circle attack
dramatically. I know I sound repetitive, but... again, hit him with your best
Art Moves while keeping everyone healed. Don't let your HP get too low.

-*Jeremi (After the Mist - Mistless :)*-

Speak with the mayor. Make sure to check behind the counter in the tavern to
find a Guardian Ring. Visit a house in the south-western section of town and
talk to Zalan. He will ask you to deliver a letter to his son in Vidna. There
are some good weapons to purchase. If you are a little short on cash... common
sense; get in fights! When you are all ready, exit town and head north to


Talk to everybody (for information about Octam's location). Check a cupboard in
the item shop for 10 Healing Leaves. Talk with Danpas (his house is on the
western side of town). He will tell you about an underground shelter that's
being made. Give Zalan's letter to Pepe (his son, of course). Pepe's house is
located up in the northwest part of town. Upon giving him Zalan's letter, he
will give you Yuma's Ring. Take this back to Zalan (in Jeremi) and he will give
you Zalan's Crown and do you a favor -- he says that you should bring him
"unusual objects" you'll come upon and he will make them into something great,
free of charge! Now head to Octam.

Enemies in thia area: [Curry Devil, Killer Bee, Mad Mantis, *Orb (Light)*]

Octam has also been taken over by the mist. Exlpore thoroughly to find hidden
treasure boxes. It is wise to have everybody learn the spell from Orb... it's a
very powerful heal spell. When you are ready, head for The Tower of Rem
(the main building).

-*The Tower of Rem*-

For clues about the Gate of Shadows (you'll be visiting there shortly), check
the stone faces down in the basement. Reading four books will open a secret
passage. Cara tells you that you'll need the Star Pearl and that Zalan (from
Jeremi) has it. Back to Jeremi to see Zalan it is!

-*Jeremi (Second Visiting)*-

Back in Jeremi, Zalan will gladly give you the Star Pearl. Sleeping at the inn
will trigger a dream sequence. When you are all set, head east past Octam to th
Gate of Shadows.

-*Gate of Shadows*-
Items in this area: [Life Ring, Wonder Elixir]
Enemies in this area: [*Gizam (Water)*, Mad Bird, Mush Mush, *Nova (Wind)*,

Remember what the statues back in The Tower of Rem told you? You probably
don't, so here's what to do... you have to enter the right element for each
gate. It goes as follows... North Gate - Earth, East Gate - Wind,
South Gate - Water, West Gate - Fire. After the gate opens and you enter, you
must head through until you reach a big underground cavern where Octam's
citizens are being held.

-*Underground Octam*-

Speak with the mayor (he's on the third floor) of the big building in the center
of town. When you go to Hari's house, check the cabinet for a Life Water. You
will now be able to enter The Fire Path -- located to the north.

-*The Fire Path*-
Items in this area: [Gala Mace, Wisdom Water]
Enemies in this area: [*Freed (Water)*, Gel Frog, Gola Gola, Mush Mush, *Nova
(Wind)*, Stone Lizard, Warman]

This is pretty simple. Just follow the path until you come by the evil
earthquake-causing Xain. Keep trying to talk to him and he will attack you.

Xain can be powerful. He can hit your characters with combos worth 1,000 HP.
In the turn before he used the powerful attack Terio Punch, he will charge up.
Have your charcters use Spirit to raise their defense to lessen the damage of
Terio Punch (just like when fighting Zeto). After defeating him, don't forget
to snag the goodies in the now-accessible chests on the now-frozen lava bed.

-*Favor for the Mayor of Octam*-

The Mayor of Octam asks you to do him a favor and return to Vidna to get some
Hot Spring Pills for him. You can use the elevator to get to the surface
quickly. It would be wise to pick up a few things from the shops before heading
out (to Vidna).

-*Vidna (Second Visiting)*-
Enemies in this area: [Devil Pump, *Orb (Light)*, *Swordie (Wind)*, Verial]

You guessed it... the mist has overtake Vidna (the windmills had stopped blowing
it away). Head to the underground shelter that guy was preparing last time you
were here. Down in the underground, talk to this one old guy and he will tell
you the location of the Hot Spring Pills. Go ahead and get them and then return
to undergound Octam. In appreciation, the mayor will give you the Slowness
Chain (wearer gets last attack in battle) and tell you about another Genesis
Tree. It's up in Mt. Letona, next to the town of Ratayu. Exit this town and
head north (of Vidna) to find it.

Enemies in this area: [Demon Fly, Evil Shadow, Skull Knight, *Viguro (Thunder)*]

Head through the town until you reach the Castle of Lord Saryu. Before talking
to Saryu in the throne room, thoroughly search the castle for some nice items.
Once you talk to Saryu, he will give you the a key to the a gate, which will
allow you to reach Mt. Letona. He also promises to give you the West Ratayu Key
if you revive the Genesis Tree.

-*Mt. Letona*-
Items in this area: [Guardian Water, Magic Leaf, Power Ring, Wisdom Ring]
Enemies in this area: [Hell's Rat, King Frog, Lip King, *Mushura (Earth)*]

Just head up the mountain while collecting the items. Once you reach the top,
you will find a force surrounding the Genesis Tree and...

As with some previous bosses, it will probably be best to have your two
strongest characters attack Songi with their best Hyper Arts, while having one
character concentrate on keeping the group healed (and attacking when the chance
is given). It is wise to keep everybody's HP high, since Songi can inflict some
power attacks. Use Healing Flowers.


After the force is lifted and the Genesis Tree is saved, head back to Ratayu and
speak with the innkeeper's daughter. Noa will take her place as the Seru Bride
and be taken down deep inside the castle. They are building the Juggernaut down
there -- a powerful and vicious monster. Vahn and Gala set out to save Noa.

-*Some Bosses (hey, couldn't think of anything better :)*-

This enemies block the entrance to the chamber below the castle and can be taken
care of quite easily by using some powerful Art Moves from Vahn. You can also
learn a cool earth spell from them (if you don't get it, you can get it later in
the game). After reaching the Juggernaut Lair, Saryu will turn into a monster
and you'll be fighting....

Van Saryu can hit you with a combo that can do up to and over 600 points of
damage (so, it is wise not let your characters' HP drop under [at least] 800).
It can also hit you with a fairly powerful earthquake attack. Beat it up with
your best moves and keep everyone healed -- simple. After kicking him around a
bit, Saryu will regain his senses, shut down the Juggernaut machine, and give
you (like he promised) the West Ratayu Key, used to open the gate to the second
Mist Generator (at Dohati's Castle). Exit and head west.

-*Dohati's Castle (Mist Generator)*-
Items in this area: [Fury Boost, Healing Berry, Healing Bloom, Healing Flower,
Healing Fruit, Life Water, Magic Fruit, Phoenix, Power Elixir, Power Water,
Shield Elixir, War Soul]

Enemies in thia area: [*Aluru (Light)*, *Freed (Water)*, *Gola Gola (Fire)*,
*Mushura (Earth)*, *Nova (Wind)*, *Orb (Light)*, *Swordie (Wind)*]

All of the enemies in this dungeon will teach you a spell. Be sure to have
characters who don't already have the spells you can aquire here, get them.
Also, it would be a good idea to learn the light spell (Final Blaster) from
Aluru. All of the side paths lead to treasure, collect them all... most are
very useful. Follow the escalators up to reach the top. Upon reaching the Mist
Generator, you'll be face to face with...

As like a few bossed before, Dohati can use its Chaos Breath attack and do up to
or more than 800 HP worth of damage to each character and cause venom and curse
status. Also, his multi-hit attack combo can cause up to 1,000 points of
damage. Remember, pay attention to your characters HP -- don't let it get too
low. Have your characters hit him with your their best Art Moves. When you
have defeated Dohati, head back to Octam and take the Sky Train (to Karisto

-*Karisto Kingdom*-
Enemies in this area: [Acid Slime, Boogie Pump, Death Trigger, Giant Rat, Gold
Bison, Grudo 2, Heavy Grude, High Mantis, Killer Wolf, Moldy Worm, Nurga, Queen

Follow the path around to the northwest to come by Sol.

-*Sol Tower*-
Items in this area: [Guardian Water, Healing Berry, Life Water, Magic Water,
Miracle Water, Phoenix, Power Water, Swift Water, Wisdom Water, Wonder Elixir]

Enemies in this area: [Dead Bone, Ghost Knight, Shade, *Spoons (Light)*]

Here you will get to play some neat mini-games. Head through the first few
mist-covered floors -- after the first few, they become mist-free. Your party
will meet up with Gaza you will babble about some stuff. The upper mist-free
floors are where the mini-games are. Talk to some people and try things out.
Fool around as much as you'd like. When you have had you're fun, head for the
roof. Up on the roof, you'll receive a Genesis Tree Seedling and orders to
plant it in the basement. Before leaving, you'll see and have to fight...

Use the same strategy as with other bosses. Nothing really special about this
guy. His attacks can be a bit powerful, but nothing you should have to worry
about. Attack him continuously and viciously. After a bit Songi will appear
and escourt Gaza out of there. Now you need to give Soru Bread to each of the
wooden Sage Chests on the lower floors. Get Soru Bread by purchasing it from
the baker for 6,000G or buying it with coins won from the games. There are a
total of eight of these chests. Once all of the chests have been opened using
the bread, you may exit. Accomplush this by going into a door close to the
bottom floor and check the device there. If all of the chests have been taken
care of, doing this move a statue, opening a new passage.

-*Warrior's Square*-
Items in this area: [Golden Book, Wonder Amulet]
Enemies in this area: [*Aluru (Light)*, *Kemaro (Earth)*, Medusa, Marge 2,

It is suggested that, if you haven't already, you learn the earth spell from
Kemaro. In the Warrior's Gate Room, pull the lever to lower the first set of
stones. Now head around the room pulling levers until you reach the opposite
end. You should now be able to pull the lever that lowers the second set of
stones. Head to the bottom (the basement) and plant the Genesis Tree Seedling.
After doing so, Songi will appear and drop off a more powerful version of...

This time Gaza is a fairly strong enemy and puts up a halfway decent fight. His
combo attack can hit you and take over 1000 HP from you. He also uses Neo Star
Slash, which attacks every character and is a semi-powerful attack. Have Vahn
and Noa raise their attack and defense. Gala should use spells to heal the
group and attack when possible. The spell you should have gotten from Kemaro is
a good thing to use on this guy. Keep your characters' HP high, use your best
Art Moves, and use the Kemaro spell! Vahn will get rewarded with a weapon
(Astral Sword)... the best weapon Vahn can get for a while. Visit the second
floor of the inn and talk to the Emperor of Sol (he will give you a password),
then head northeast to the twon of Buma.


Nothing much to do here. The three Genesis Trees here are frozen and the gang
can't do anything about it. Now you are going to have to Dr. Usha's Research
Center (to the west).

-*Dr. Usha's Research Center*-

Remember that password the Emporer of Sol gave you? In case you didn't, it
was... (X, X, Triangle, Circle, Square). You'll need it to enter. Dr. Usha
informs you that you of a Seru in a cavern to the north of Bumathat is the
source of the freezing wind (that froze the Genesis Trees). He says he will
make you a TimeSpace bomb to use on the enemy, but only if you bring him the
Fire Droplet from Uru Mais (to the west). Talk to Mrs. Usha to get the key to
the ruins of Uru Mais. Make sure to pick up a few items if you are running low.

-*Uru Mais*-

Upon using the key to get into the ruins, you'll have to enter each one of the
three doors. When entering each room, a bit about each characters past will be
revealed in a dream-like scene. When each character has gone through this, you
will speak with Tieg. He will give you the Fire Droplet (a powerful accessory -
- you'd can equip it for now if you'd like). Return back to the lab and hand
the Fire Droplet over to Dr. Usha. He will take care of his end of the bargain
by giving you four TimeSpace bombs and let you know what to do with them (to
eliminate the Seru)

-*Nivora Ravine*-
Items in this area: [Fury Boost, Mettle Gem, Rainbow Jewel, Spirit Jewel,
Warrior Icon]

Enemies in this area: [Aluru, Amethyst, Lava Face, Lucifer, Neo Grude, Rock
Lizard, Warfish]

It is HIGHLY reccomended that you have the following accessories before entering
this area... (Burning Jewel, Earth Jewel, Luminous Jewel, Mettle Gem, War Soul,
and a bunch of Healing Berries). Each character will make their way through
this dungeon seperately. You will be able to switch characters at anytime. If
you can't go anything furthur, switch to another character and they will hit a
switch or something, opening the other character's path. After all of the
chracters reach the main room and ready the bombs, they'll be attacked by the
Delilas Family. Each character will have his own member of the family to fight.
Equip Vahn with the Burning Jewel, Noa with the Luminous Jewel and Mettle Gem,
and Gala with the Earth Jewel War Soul and Spirit Jewel to make these battles

This boss is sort of like a few bosses you have already fought. You see, Che
will use a normal, average attack for two rounds, and they hit you with a
powerful attack that you easily kill you if your HP is not super-high. To take
care of this... make sure to use Spirit to raise your defense on the turn he is
going to use the powerful attack. So basically you should follow the 3-turn
pattern of: attack, attack, use Spirit or attack, heal, use Spirit. Or any
variation of that, as long as you use Spirit on the turn he uses his powerful
attack (after he does two normal attacks). Simple! Also, the spell you got from

Just like the last boss, this boss will hit you with two normal, average attacks
and on the third turn, hit you with a powerful attack. Follow the basic same
pattern as with the above boss... attack, heal, raise defense.

Again... just like the two other bosses. Two weak attacks and then a powerful
one. If have the Astral Sword equipped (you should), Vahn's Power Slash Super
Arts will do some heavy damage. Ahhhh.... again... attack, heal, raise defense.

After the TimeSpace bombs explode, all of the bosses you just fought combine
into one...

You have a 4-round limit in defeating this boss. This means... you only get to
pick a move for each character four times. You don't really have to worry about
healing much, because Koru doesn't do high damamge. Plus you are going to have
to use every turn to get an attack in to kill this guy within your limit. It is
best to have Noa equipped with the Mettle Gem, War Soul, and Zalan's Crown.
This will allow her to use two Miracle Arts with a full AP bar two turns in a
row... useful. Use the spells learned from Kemaro and Aluru. Hit him with your
best Art Moves. If you don't beat him within the allotted turns, your party
automatically perishes.


By defeating the enemies in Nivora Ravine, Vahn, Noa, & Gala have stopped the
freezing wind and the Genesis Trees have thawed. You can now revive them and
keep the mist away. Cara will give you soem music to take to the pianist in the
bar in Sol. Have him play the music for Grantes and receive the Soren Flute.
You are going to have to play it at the top of Mt. Dhini to summon the Soren, a
tribe who will help you reach the Floating Castle (they can fly) and eliminate
the mist forever.

-*Mt. Dhini*-
Items in this area: [Good Luck Bell, Healing Berry, Phoenix, Unholy Icon, Wonder

Enemies in this area: [Garnet, *Iota (Earth)*, Ironman, *Mushura (Earth)*, Neo

Head up and at the top, Vahn will play the Soren Flute. This will cause Luctes
and three other Soren to appear and take your group to their camp.

-*Soren Camp*-

Resting at the inn will trigger another scene in which Noa has a dream. After
this, talk to the elder and he says the Soren will help you in your goal to
reach the Floating Castle. Buy whatever weapons, accessories and items you can
afford/want/need. Talk to Luctes (he's near the Save Point) to start for the
Floating Castle.

-*Zora's Floating Castle*-
Items in this area: [Evil God Icon, Healing Berry, Life Water, Magic Ring, Magic
Enemies in this area: [*Barra (Wind)*, *Mushura (Earth)*, Terror Face, Thermo,

After riding the elevator to the lower level, jump onto the blocks to the left
side of the passage and enter the vent shaft. Just heade through and after
reaching the power supply terminal, you'll be faced with one of a few bosses in
this dungeon...

This boss is very simple. When Puera does his Death Game attack, you will be
shown four cards and then he will shuffle them. Watch the card marked "Puera
Dies" and choose it. If you choose one of the other cards, either one of your
party members will die or some other effects. If one of your party members
happens to die there is no need to worry, take a few good shots on this guy and
he'll be toast. After defeating him, head past the Save Point and face...

Zora is like the Delilas family. She will hit your characters with two normal,
average attack and on her third turn, hit all of your characters with a powerful
attack. You should know what to do by now... either heal or attack on your two
turns and then use spirit to raise your defense on your third turn to lessen the
damage of Zora's attack. Again, the spell you received from Kemaro helps out.
Zora can turn one of your characters to stone (cure this by using medicine). On
the plus side, a stoned character (hmm... that sounds funny) cannot be
damaged... Zora will just waste an attack. When you are done beating up Zora
and back at the Soren Camp, Luctes will lead you to Conkram (the location of the
third and final mist generator).

Enemies in this area: [*Kemaro (Earth)*, Lamia, Mad Golem, Nightmare, *Slippery

The city of Conkram isn't doing too good and you'll see why. Anyways, find and
speak with Queen Minea in the upper levels and then head downstairs and talk
find the king. Talk to him and receive the Seru Flame. The Seru Flame can be
equipped to increase AP accural by 25%. However, you must use it now to go back
in time to see what happened to Conkram and try to prevent it.

-*Conkram of the Past*-
Items in this area: [Guardian Water, Magic Fruit, Power Water, Swift Water,
Wisdom Water]
Enemies in this area: [*Kemaro (Earth)*, *Slippery (Water)*]

A lot of the people who you've battled in the future are here (Zeto, Dohati, the
Delalis' and Zora). Speak with all of them and then explore around in the
buildings for some items. After this, rest at the inn and in the morning you'll
learn about what happened to Conkram. Speaking with Cort at his lab (in the
basement) will cause you to witness what allowed the Mist to enter. Your task,
as if you didn't know, is to stop the mist!

-*Rogues Tower*-
Items in this area: [Fury Boost, Guardian Chain, Magic Armband, Phoenix]
Enemies in this area: [*Barra (Wind)*, *Slippery (Water)*, *Spoon (Light)*]

The object of this maze is to use a bunch of teleporters to progress to the end.
To make sure the teleporter leads you forward, wait until the floor and walls
return to normal, then go through. If you don't make sure of this, it could end
of leading you backward. Anywho, you'll fight some old bosses on your way
through (remember Caruban?). Sooner or later you will encounter...

Rogue is a pretty simple, easy boss. As usual, just pound away at him. Use the
light spell from the Orb enemy after Rogue hits you with an elemental attack.
Keep your HP up, hit him hard, and he will be gone in no time.

-*Conkram (Mist-Free)*-

Now that Conkram is mist free, the King will show his gratitude to you be giving
you the Nemesis Gem, which you will use later in the game to access the final
mist generator. To get Minea's Ring, which raises the character equipped with
its HP, talk to Minea (the Queen) on the rooftop. Now (back in the future),
exit and head north to find Jette's Absolute Fortress.

-*Jette's Absolute Fortress*-
Items in this area: [Golden Claw, Great Axe, Life Armband, Lost Grail, Rainbow
Jewel, Unholy Icon, Warrior Icon, Wonder Elixir]

Enemies in this area: [*Barra (Wind)*, *Gilium (Thunder)*, *Iota (Earth)*,
*Kemaro (Earth)*, *Puera (Dark)*, *Slippery (Water)*, *Spoon (Light)*]

Head through until you reach the Lake of Mist and then head right for a Rainbow
Jewel. You will also get a glimpse of the Juggernaut from here. Anyways,
continue and once in the control room, you will have a special guest ready to
fight you...

Jette can use some combos and hit you with a decent shot. He can also sometimes
get two attacks off in one turn. However, this boss is easy. Hit him with your
best Super Arts and heal when your characters' HP is low.

When you are done, head over to the levers (in the control room). The levers
change where the platforms will take you. Setting and following it to the right
will get you a Great Axe (for Noa). Now set it and let it take you to the left
to see the mist generator and...

You are not going to be able to hit Cort with normal attacks because from the
start of the battle, Cort puts up a barrier. However, you can still and will
use Art Moves and spells. He can use his Guilty Corss attack to cause moderate
damage to one character and then his Mystic Circle attack which hits the entire
party. After beating him up a bit, his sheild will go away and you can really
beat him down. However, beware, Cort can summon the Juggernaut and cause some
major damage to you. Try to raise your defense if you think he is going to use
it his next turn to reduce the damage. Keep your HP high enough so that if he
happens to do a strong attack, you are less likely to die.

-*Back to Rim Elm*-

Now that you have defeated Cort and stopped the final mist generator, Legaia is
safe, right? Well... anyways, head back to Rim Elm and talk with your buddies
(Mei, Noa, Gala, Maya). Soon after arriving back in Rim Elm, to your and
everyone's suprise, Songi shows up with the Juggernaut (that bastard!).
Apparently it bonded with Cort and wants to turn Rim Elm into a big Seru monster
which will start producing mist (not a good thing :). Anyways, your party must
head back to Uru-Mais and enter Seru-Kai (the world of the Seru).

Items in this area: [Triumph Armor]
Enemies in this area: [*Barra (Wind)*, *Gilium (Thunder)*, *Slippery (Water)*]

This is a simple area. All you have to do is follow the path while opening up
the chests on the way. When you reach the Great Genesis Tree, guess who comes
and battles you for the last time? Yep, yep...

Songi can hit one of your characters with some damaging combos and he can also
use an attack called Genocidal Cannon that hits all of your characters for some
high damage. If you want to play it safe, you can equip Vahn with the Lost
Grail to make sure your party doesn't get wiped out on one attack. Anyways, you
are going to have to pound away at this beast while keeping your HP high (I know
I keep saying this, but I know sometimes when I am involved in a battle, I
sometimes fail to realize my characters' HP until I've already chosen some other
attack). Anyways, beat the crap out of this ugly... thing and then return to
Rim Elm to enter the Juggernaut (by using the Great Genesis Tree to force open
his mouth).

-*Bio Castle Juggernaut*-

=Tip [thanks to aCiDviking1@webtv.net]: In the grotesque hallway right after
where the townspeople are entrapped, head to the second turn down this hallway
and search the right wall to find the Mettle Goblet (keeps wearers AP at 100 --

Items in this area: [Crimson Book, Lost Grail, Magic Armband, Ra-Seru Armor, Ra-
Seru Blade, Ra-Seru Boots, Ra-Seru Club, Ra-Seru Fangs, Ra-Seru Helmet, Ra-Seru
Plate, Ra-Seru Plume, Ra-Seru Robe, Ra-Seru Thongs, Ra-Seru Seal, Ra-Seru Shoes]

Enemies in this area: *Aluru (Light)*, *Barra (Thunder)*, *Freed (Water)*,
*Gilium (Thunder)*, *Gizam (Water)*, *Gola Gola (Fire)*, *Iota (Earth)*, *Kemaro
(Earth)*, *Mushura (Earth)*, *Nighto (Dark)*, *Nova (Wind)*, *Orb (Light)*,
*Puera (Dark)*, *Spoon (Light)*, *Swordie (Wind)*, *Viguro (Thunder)*]

Wow... there are a lot of enemies and items in this area... that took a few
seconds to put in alphabetical order. Anywho, follow the path while collecting
the Re-Seru Armor and weapons in the chests. Whenever you come to a branch that
is sticking out over the water (or whatever liquid that is), jump in and let the
flow take you. Doing this will take you to some chests and eventually bring you
back around to the start. The enemies in here can be on the tough side. Beware
of the Pueras, they could easily take out your party. When you finally reach
the final door, it will close up on you. Quickly pressing the two circular
things on the floor will open the door. Head through to finish the game and
fight your last battle...

The final boss is not too hard. You have foughted harder battles throughout the
game and made it through, so this shouldn't be too much of a problem. Kick the
crap out of Cort with your best moves and heal when you need too.
After defeating him, rejoice! Kudos to you for completeing this game!


VI. - [S e c r e t s]
(Thanks to T&T for a few of these)

(1) Chicken King - To get the Chicken King Accessory, head to Muscle Paradise
and enter each level (Beginner, Expert, and Master). Run from the first fight
of each and you will be rewarded with the Chicken King (allows you to run away
from fights).

(2) Devil Medallion - To get The Devil Medallion, return to the summit of Mt.
Dhini, after the Soren event there. You will fight a hidden boss named Lapis.
This guy is as strong if not stronger than the final boss! Anyways, he is
beatable with the aid of healing items (Lapis drains all of your MP).

(3) War God Icon - After beating Jette's Absolute Fortress, head to Sol and
clear the Master Course of the Muscle Dome to get this great accessory that
allows it's equipee (cool word) to attack twice in one turn.

(4) There is a special Ra-Seru magic spell that each character can learn towards
the end of the game. To get these, each character must complete the following

*Vahn* - Have Meta at level 8, all Hyper and regular Art Moves. With this done,
head to the Genesis Tree in Sol and Vahn will learn the ability to summon Fire
Ra-Seru Meta.
*Noa* - Have Terra at level 7, all Hyper and regular Art Moves. With this done,
head to the Genesis Tree on Mt. Rikuroa and Noa will learn the ability to summon
Wind Ra-Seru Terra.
*Gala* - Have Ozma at level 6, all Hyper and regular Art Moves. With this done,
head to the Genesis Tree in east Voz Forest and Gala will learn the ability to
summon Thunder Ra-Seru Ozma

(5) Dark Ra-Seru Jedo - After defeating Songi at Noaru Valley, return to the
Genesis Tree in the West Voz Forest to find a treasure box with the Dark Stone
inside. Take this to Zalan in Jeremi and he'll work his magic on it and turn it
into an accessory called the Dark Tailsman which protects against Dark powers
and gives its wearer the ability to summon the Ra-Seru Jedo.

(6) Light Ra-Seru Horn - Take the Light Egg given to you by Cara to Zalan in
Jeremi and he'll fashion it into the Light Tailsman for you (what a cool guy).
This accessory protects against Light powers and the ability to summon the Ra-
Seru Horn, who will bring dead characters back and heal living ones.

(7) Earth Ra-Seru Palma - Win the Earth Egg in Sol by having 100,000 coins and
exchanging them at the prize counter. Now take it (Earth Egg) to, who else, but
Zalan. He will do wonders with it and turn it into the Earth Tailsman. This
accessory protects against earth powers and gives its wearer the ability to
summon the Ra-Seru Palma.

(8) Water Ra-Seru Mule - Win the Water Egg by plashing the fishing game at the
pond east of the town of Buma. Take it to Zalan and he'll mend it into the
Water Tailsman which protects against Water attacks and lets its wearer summon
the Ra-Seru Mule.
Note: To be able to fish, you must get a rod (Trade in coins in Sol's Muscle

(9) Juggernaut Spell - Thanks to for this secret;
There is a way to get a Juggernaut Ra-Seru Spell. To get this, do the
following: When all party members are at level 99, head back to Ratayu and talk
to the king and he will give you permission to enter the Juggernaut Room. You
can get the spell in there.

(10) Point Card - After reviving the Genesis Tree in Rim Elm, exit and then re-
enter. Head up to the second story of the Inn and check the opened drawer for a
nifty little item called the Point Card. When you purchase things from shops,
you will get some points (5% of your purchase) on your Point Card. Now when you
are in battle you can use the Point Card and hit an enemy for a certain amount
of HP damamge (how ever many points you've collected on your Point Card). Neat,

(11) Honey In Rim Elm - It is suggested that you wait until your characters
build a decent amount of levels before trying this secret. To get the honey,
check the tree closest to the wall (near the windmill in Rim Elm). Doing this
will cause you to fight some bees. If your characters are weak this battle may
be a bit tough (especially because you can't use magic). If you do happen to
defeat them, you will receive the honey which will increase your stats by 4
points. It is said that if you talk to Nene before using the honey, you won't
be able to keep it.

(12) Platinum Card - After reviving the Genesis Tree and talking to the king
in Drake Castle, head to the room to the left and check in the upper left
quadrant of the room to find the Platinum Card. The Platinum Card will allow
you to purchase special items in certain shops. Check the item/shop/price list
to see what special items become available with the Platinum Card.

(13) Life Total 25% Up Item - In Sol, there's a Kid in the warehouse that
sells a item that raises your life total by 25%. His first offer is a ripoff.
Keep asking for a lower price, but don't go lower than 40,000.

(14) Door of Wind - If you use the Door of Wind on the Sol bridge (right before
you enter), you can walk for hours without encountering a fight.
[This hasn't been confirmed by me; sent in by: ]

(15) The Camera Stone - After defeating Dohati's Castle (First Mist Generator),
make your way over to the town of Vidna and find the house in it with the guy
who will sell you the Camera Stone for 100G. You can use it five times before
it breaks. You can buy as many as you'd like.

Places where the Camera Stone can be used:

[Rim Elm]:
(1) You can take Mei's picture.

(1) A girl on the beach will take one picture of Vahn's (your) party.
(2) Another girl on the beach (in swimsuit) takes your picture.
(3) Guy in swimming trunks (next to girl, on beach)
(4) Guy in Machine Room
(5) Mrs. Danpas
(6) Mr. Danpas
(7) Former messenger for Hari (inside house of Biron Monks)
(8) Old man in former Hot Spring

[Usha's Research Center]:
(1) Dr. Usha's picture can be taken


VII. - [S t o l e n / D r o p p e d I t e m L i s t]
*Thanks to PSM for this list*

[Enemy Name] [Item Dropped] [Item Stolen]
Acid Slime Healing Berry Silver Compass
Aluru Power Elixir Healing Fruit
Aluru Lv.2 Healing Berry Magic Leaf
Aluru Lv.3 Healing Fruit Magic Fruit
Amethyst Magic Leaf Magic Leaf
Barra Door Of Wind Life Water
Barra Lv.2 Magic Fruit Power Water
Barra Lv.3 Healing Fruit Guardian Water
Berserker Fire Book II Wonder Elixir
Berserker Lv.2 Miracle Water Wonder Elixir
Berserker Lv.3 Miracle Water Wonder Elixir
Black Piura Healing Leaf Healing Flower
Blue Piura Healing Leaf Good Luck Bell
Boogie Pump Fury Boost Magic Fruit
Caruban Healing Bloom Wonder Elixir
Caruban Lv.2 Miracle Water *Not Avalible*
Caruban Lv.3 Miracle Water *Not Avalible*
Che Delilas Thunder Book III Wisdom Water
Cort Magic Grail Wonder Elixir
Cort (Juggernaut) *Not Avalible* Evil Medallion
Curry Devil Door Of Wind Magic Fruit
Dark Ogre Power Elixir Healing Berry
Dead Bone Magic Fruit Incense
Death Trigger Healing Berry Healing Berry
Death Wings Antidote Medicine
Demon Fly Antidote Golden Compass
Devil Pump Swift Water Magic Leaf
Dohati Mettle Armband Wonder Elixir
Drake Ghost Door Of Light Power Elixir
Evil Fly Antidote Antidote
Evil Shadow Phoenix Magic Leaf
Freed Magic Leaf Healing Fruit
Freed Lv.2 Medicine Magic Leaf
Freed Lv.3 Medicine Magic Fruit
Frog Antidote Antidote
Garnet Magic Fruit Magic Fruit
Gaza *Not Avalible* Life Water
Gaza with Sim Seru *Not Avalible* Power Water
Gel Frog Antidote Medicine
Ghost Knight Door Of Light Speed Elixir
Gi Delilas Fire Book III Swift Water
Giant Rat Healing Flower Healing Berry
Gillium *Not Avalible* Power Water
Gillium Lv.2 *Not Avalible* Guardian Water
Gillium Lv.3 *Not Avalible* Wonder Elixir
Gimard Healing Leaf Healing Leaf
Gimard Lv.2 Magic Leaf Healing Berry
Gimard Lv.3 Healing Berry Magic Fruit
Gizam Antidote Healing Leaf
Gizam Lv.2 Healing Fruit Magic Leaf
Gizam Lv.3 Healing Berry Magic Fruit
Gobu Gobu Healing Leaf Healing Flower
Gola Gola Healing Berry Healing Fruit
Gola Gola Lv.2 Healing Fruit Magic Leaf
Gola Gola Lv.3 Magic Fruit Magic Leaf
Gold Bison Healing Berry Healing Berry
Gold Face Magic Leaf Power Water
Golem Guardian Water Life Water
Gomboo Healing Leaf/Fruit Healing Fruit
Green Slime Healing Leaf Healing Leaf
Grude Healing Fruit Fury Boost
Guardian Door Of Wind Shield Elixir
Heavy Grude Healing Berry Fury Boost
Hell's Rat Magic Leaf Healing Flower
Hell's Trigger Healing Flower Healing Flower
High Gomboo Healing Fruit Healing Berry
High Mantis Healing Fruit Healing Fruit
Hornet Antidote Antidote
Iota Nature Amulet Swift Water
Iota Lv.2 Spirit Talisman Wisdom Water
Iota Lv.3 Spirit Talisman Life Grail
Ironman Power Water Life Water
Jette Miracle Water Wisdom Water
Kabuki Rat Healing Bloom Healing Leaf
Kemaro Healing Berry Swift Water
Kemaro Lv.2 Healing Fruit Wisdom Water
Kemaro Lv.3 Healing Fruit Spirit Talisman
Killer Bee Antidote Medicine
Killer Bison Healing Flower Healing Leaf
Killer Wolf Door Of Wind Healing Flower
King Frog Medicine Phoenix
Koru Healing Fruit *Not Avalible*
Lamia Magic Fruit Magic Water
Lapis Evil Medallion *Not Avalible*
Lava Face Magic Fruit Guardian Water
Lip Kid Magic Leaf Lippian Flute
Lip King Lippian Flute Lippian Flute
Lippian Medicine Lippian Flute
Lu Delilas Wind Book III Magic Water
Lucifer Magic Fruit Magic Water
Mad Bird Fury Boost Spikefish Flute
Mad Golem Healing Berry Magic Water
Mad Mantis Healing Bloom Healing Flower
Mad Ogre Power Elixir Healing Fruit
Mage Magic Fruit Magic Leaf
Medusa Magic Leaf Wisdom Water
Moldy Worm Medicine Phoenix
Mush Mush Medicine Healing Shroom
Mushrin Healing Shroom Healing Shroom
Mushroom Healing Shroom Healing Shroom
Mushura Speed Elixir Healing Flower
Mushura Lv.2 Healing Berry Healing Fruit
Mushura Lv.3 Healing Berry Healing Berry
Neo Bison Healing Fruit Healing Flower
Neo Grude Healing Fruit Fury Boost
Nightmare Magic Water Door Of Wind
Nighto Phoenix Healing Leaf
Nighto Lv.2 Magic Leaf Magic Leaf
Nighto Lv.3 Magic Fruit Magic Fruit
Nova Healing Berry Healing Leaf
Nova Lv.2 Shield Elixir Healing Flower
Nova Lv.3 Healing Fruit Healing Fruit
Nurga Magic Leaf Wisdom Water
Oak Slime Healing Bloom Healing Flower
Ogre Power Elixir Healing Bloom
Orb Magic Leaf Healing Flower
Orb Lv.2 Healing Bloom Healing Bloom
Orb Lv.3 Magic Fruit Healing Fruit
Ostrich Healing Lead Healing Leaf
Poisonous Worm Antidote Medicine
Pump Bat Phoenix Healing Leaf
Puera *Not Avalible* Magic Water
Puera Lv.2 *Not Avalible* Life Water
Puera Lv.3 *Not Avalible* Crimson Book
Queen Bee Antidote Phoenix
Red Piura Healing Leaf Healing Leaf
Rock Lizard Healing Fruit Guardian Water
Rogue *Not Avalible* Guardian Water
Scale Lizard Door Of Wind Swift Water
Shade Magic Fruit Magic Fruit
Skeleton Magic Leaf Incense
Skull Knight Magic Leaf Incense
Slippery Door Of Wind Power Water
Slippery Lv.2 Lost Grail Guardian Water
Slippery Lv.3 Lost Grail Magic Grail
Songi (1st encounter) Mettle Ring Wonder Elixir
Songi (2nd encounter) Thunder Book II Wonder Elixir
Songi (3rd encounter) *Not Avalible* Magic Water
Sorcerer Magic Fruit Magic Fruit
Speed Wolf Swift Water Healing Berry
Spikefish Healing Flower Spikefish Flute
Spoon Healing Berry Magic Water
Spoon Lv.2 Healing Berry Life Water
Spoon Lv.3 Healing Berry Life Grail
Stone Lizard Healing Fruit Power Water
Swordie Speed Elixir Healing Flower
Swordie Lv.2 Healing Berry Healing Bloom
Swordie Lv.3 Healing Berry Healing Fruit
Terror Face Healing Fruit Swift Water
Theeder Healing Leaf Magic Leaf
Theeder Lv.2 Magic Leaf Magic Leaf
Theeder Lv.3 Healing Flower Magic Fruit
Thermo Magic Fruit Wisdom Water
Topaz Magic Fruit Wisdom Water
Twin Tomb Healing Bloom Healing Leaf
Van Saryu Lost Grail Wonder Elixir
Vera Healing Leaf Healing Leaf
Vera Lv.2 Healing Flower Healing Flower
Vera Lv.3 Healing Fuit Healing Berry
Verial Magic Fruit Phoenix
Viguro Golden Compass Wonder Elixir
Viguro Lv.2 Healing Fruit Healing Fruit
Viguro Lv.3 Healing Berry Healing Berry
Wailing Bird Healing Fruit Spikefish Flute
Warfish Medicine Incense
Warhalf Healing Flower Door Of Wind
Warman Healing Flower Door Of Light
Wolf Phoenix Healing Leaf
Worm Antidote Antidote
Xain Wind Book II Wonder Elixir
Zenoir Healing Flower Healing Leaf
Zenoir Lv.2 Magic Leaf Healing Flower
Zenoir Lv.3 Magic Fruit Healing Berry
Zeto Silver Compass Wonder Elixir
Zora *Not Avalible* Swift Water


VIII. - [F i s h i n g]

There are two locations in Legaia where you can fish. Those two being Buma and
Vidna. Before fishing, however, you will first need to obtain a rod and some

The Rods:
(1) This rod can be found in Vidna before the mist arrives.
(2) This rod can be won by playing the slot machine mini-game in Sol.
(3) This rod can be found in the Usha Research Center in between two beds (only
after you open the Nivora Ravine)

As for lures, you get three different lures for each rod when you obtain the
Fishing Tackle Set in Vidna.

(1) It is best to use the normal lure when fishing at the Vidna pond and the
heavier lure if you are fishing at the Buma pond.
(2)In Buma, there is a trick in which you will almost always catch a "good"
fish. Aim your rod directly at the plant to the left and cast it when your
power meter is at 50%.

*Vidna Fishing Prizes*
(1) Spikefish Flute: 200
(2) Lippian Flute: 200
(3) Healing Fruit: 500
(4) Power Ring: 1,000
(5) Mettle Armband: 1,500

*Buma Fishing Prizes*
(1) Spikefish Flute: 200
(2) Lippian Flute: 200
(3) Spirit Tailsman: 4,000
(4) Magic Grail: 6,500
(5) Life Grail: 6,500

If anybody else has anything to add to this section (or any other section for
that matter) go ahead and e-mail me at r_angotti@yahoo.com!


VII. - [S o l 's M i n i - g a m e s]

*Sol Broadway*:
Blah... stupid. Talking to Mon will cause Gala to help him with the play. Gala
will do well and your reward is being able to enter the show for free.

*Sol Disco Fever*:
To enter you will have to have obtained the Gold Card from the Muscle Dome.
Once in you can pay money to enter Noa in the dance contest. To learn how to
dance talk to Disco King. There will be two rounds. Upon winning both rounds
you'll receive 10,000G and the swimsuit (see Secrets section). After this, talk
to the Disco King and he will give you the Speed Chain.

*Baka Fighter Game*:
There are fourteen rounds in the Baka Fighter Mini-game. According to
mr_darkx@hotmail.com there is a pattern in which you can win easily. It goes as

Round 1: Square
Round 2: X
Round 3: Circle
Round 4: Square, X
Round 5: Circle, Circle, Circle, X, X, X
Round 6: Circle, X
Round 7: Square, Square, Square, X, X, X, O, O, O
Round 8: X, Circle, Square, Square, Square, Square
Round 9: Circle, Circle, X
Round 10: Square, X, O
Round 11: Square, Square, Circle, X
Round 12: Circle, Circle, X, Square
Round 13: X, X, Square, Square, X, X, O, O
Round 14: Square, Square, X, O, O, O, X

You will be rewarded with 460 coins if you win all fourteen rounds.

*Muscle Paradise*:

To enter, talk to the lady on the left and pay her 100 coins.In the Beginner and
Expert courses you will be able to use your Ra-Seru magic spells, however in the
Master course you are not allowed to.

Below are the enemies that you will encounter depending on which course you
*Beginner* *Expert Course* *Master Course*

Round 1: Red Piura Round 1: Black Piura Round 1: Ironman
Round 2: Skeleton Round 2: High Gomboo Round 2: Viguro Lv.2
Round 3: Drake Ghost Round 3: Dark Ogre Round 3: Gold Bison
Round 4: Caruban Round 4: Gold Bison Round 4: Caruban
Round 5: Gola - Gola Round 5: Ironman Round 5: Zeto
Round 6: Zeto Round 6: Caruban Round 6: Berserker
Round 7: Viguro Lv.2 Round 7: Aluru Round 7: Xain
Round 8: Xain Round 8: Xain Round 8: Dohati
Round 9: Lu Delilas
[Coin Prize: 818] [Coin Prize: 1,532] Round 10: Che Delilas
Round 11: Gi Delilas
Round 12: Zora
Round 13: Jette

[Coin Prize: 13,856]


Tip - suggests that you equip Vahn with the following
in each course (to make things a bit easier):

[Beginner Course]
(1) Warrior Icon/Defender Chain/Burning Flare
(2) War Soul
(3) Mettle Gem

[Master Course]
(1) Life Grail
(2) War Soul
(3) Mettle Gem

[Expert Course]
(1) Life Grail
(2) Defender Chain
(3) Wonder Amulet



IX. - [I t e m / P r i c e / S h o p L i s t]
An asterik (*) indicates an item that shows up when you have the Platinum Card.

[Village/Town/Area Name]:
-Name of Shop-
(1) Item / Price
(2) Item / Price


[Rim Elm]:

-Variety Shop-
(1) *Hunter Clothes* / 900G
(2) *Scarlet Jewel* / 2,000G
(3) *Azure Jewel* / 2,000G
(4) Survival Knife / 180G
(5) Warrior Seal / 240G
(6) Warrior Boots / 420G
(7) Cure Amulet / 800G
(8) Healing Leaf / 100G
(9) Antidote / 40G
(10) Door of Light / 200G


[Hunter's Spring]:

After reviving the Genesis Tree at Mt. Rikuroa, Lezam's Sister will be here.

-Variety Shop-
(1) *Golden Compass* / 3,000G
(2) *Silver Compass* / 3,000G
(3) Target Chain / 1,200G
(4) Defender Chain / 1,200G
(5) Healing Leaf / 100G
(6) Antidote / 40G
(7) Door of Light / 200G

-Market (Lezam's Sister)-
(1) Target Chain / 1,200G
(2) Defender Chain / 1,200G
(3) Healing Leaf / 100G
(4) Healing Flower / 400G
(5) Magic Leaf / 1000G
(6) Medicine / 300G
(7) Door of Light / 200G


[Drake Castle]:

-Arm Shop-
(1) Survival Knife / 180G
(2) Nail Glove / 160G
(3) Warrior Seal / 240G
(4) Warrior Boots / 420G
(5) Guardian Clip / 320G
(6) Fighting Robe / 1,100G
(7) Electric Shoes / 560G

-Items Shop-
(1) Antidote / 40G
(2) Cure Amulet / 800G
(3) Defedner Chain / 1,200G
(4) Door of Light / 200G
(5) Healing Leaf / 100G
(6) Medicine / 300G
(7) Target Chain / 1,200G


[Biron Monastery]:

(1) Survival Knife / 180G
(2) Nail Glove / 160G
(3) Electric Shoes / 560G
(4) Fighting Robe / 1,100G
(5) Guardian Clip / 320G
(6) Warrior Boots / 420G
(7) Savior Clothes / 1,800G

(1) *Healing Flower* / 400G
(2) *Healing Bloom* / 600G
(3) *Magic Leaf* / 1,000G
(4) Door of Light / 200G
(5) Medicine / 300G
(6) Healing Leaf / 100G
(7) Tempest Jewel / 2,000G
(8) Deep Sea Jewel / 2,000G
(9) Burning Jewel / 2,000G
(10) Earth Jewel / 2,000G

-Morlang (after mist)-
(1) Power Shoes / 1,300G
(2) Power Plate / 2,100G
(3) Ironman Boots / 1,400G
(4) Power Earring / 780G
(5) Ironman Seal / 940G
(6) Savior Clothes / 1,800G
(7) Survival Club / 860G
(8) Battle Knife / 1,200G
(9) Crimson Nails / 980G


[Ancient Water/Wind Cave]:

-Arms Shop-
(1) *Short Sword* / 2,700G
(2) *Fighter Claw* / 2,900G
(3) Battle Knife / 1,200G
(4) Power Shoes / 1,300G
(5) Power Earring / 780G
(6) Power Plate / 2,100G
(7) Tempest Shoes / 1,900G
(8) Green Robe / 2,800G
(9) Green Clip / 1,000G
(10) Ironman Boots / 1,400G
(11) Savior Clothes / 1,800G
(12) Ironman Seal / 940G
(13) Crimson Nails / 980G
(14) Survival Club / 860G

-Items Shop-
(1) *Scarlet Jewel* / 2,500G
(2) *Azure Jewel* / 2,500G
(3) Golden Compass / 3,000G
(4) Silver Compass / 3,000G
(5) Earth Jewel / 2,000G
(6) Deep Sea Jewel / 2,000G
(7) Burning Jewel / 2,000G
(8) Tempest Jewel / 2,000G
(9) Target Chain / 1,200G
(10) Defender Chain / 1,200G
(11) Door of Light / 200G
(12) Medicine / 300G
(13) Healing Leaf / 100G
(14) Cure Amulet / 800G



-Arms Shop-
(1) Short Sword / 2,700G
(2) Fighter Claw / 2,900G
(3) Warrior Armor / 3,700G
(4) Master Boots / 3,200G
(5) Green Clip / 1,000G
(6) Green Robe / 2,800G
(7) Tempest Shoes / 1,900G

-Items Shop-
(1) Door of Wind / 200G
(2) Door of Light / 200G
(3) Healing Flower / 400G
(4) Medicine / 300G
(5) Healing Leaf / 100G
(6) Magic Amulet / 2,000G
(7) Pure Amulet / 1,600G



-Arms Shop-
(1) Short Sword / 2,700G
(2) Fighter Claw / 2,900G
(3) Red Club / 3,600G
(4) Expert Seal / 2,400G
(5) Fighting Plate / 4,600G
(6) Master Boots / 3,200G
(7) Warrior Armor / 3,700G

-Gift Shop-
(1) *Magic Leaf* / 1,000G
(2) *Phoenix* / 1,600G
(3) Mettle Ring / 12,000G
(4) Scarlet Jewel / 2,500G
(5) Azure Jewel / 2,500G
(6) Golden Compass / 3,000G
(7) Silver Compass / 3,000G
(8) Pure Amulet / 1,600G
(9) Forest Amulet / 2,000G
(10) Healing Flower / 400G
(11) Healing Bloom / 600G
(12) Medicine / 300G
(13) Door of Light / 200G
(14) Door of Wind / 200G


The shop will appear after you defeat Dohati's Castle (First Mist Generator).

-Arms Shop-
(1) Bloody Claw / 9,500G
(2) Survival Axe / 10,800G
(3) Master Armor / 15,400G
(4) Scarlet Robe / 4,800G
(5) Fighter's Band / 2,600G
(6) Valor Plate / 13,800

-Items Shop-
(1) Door of Wind / 200G
(2) Door of Light / 200G
(3) Phoenix / 1,600G
(4) Medicine / 300G
(5) Magic Leaf / 1,000G
(6) Healing Bloom / 600G
(7) Healing Flower / 400G
(8) Ebony Jewel / 4,000G
(9) Luminous Jewel / 4,000G
(10) Madlight Jewel / 4,000G
(11) Tempest Jewel / 2,000G
(12) Burning Jewel / 2,000G
(13) Deep Sea Jewel / 2,000G
(14) Earth Jewel / 2,000G

-Arms Shop (underground)-
(1) Force Blade / 4,200G
(2) Hard Beat / 3,800G
(3) Red Club / 3,600G
(4) Expert Seal / 2,400G
(5) Ironman Armor / 5,300G
(6) Master Boots / 3,200G
(7) Jeweled Clip / 2,500G
(8) Scarlet Robe / 4,800G
(9) Olive Shoes / 3,900
(10) Fighters Band / 2,600G
(11) Fighting Plate / 4,600G
(12) Fighting Boots / 4,300G

-Items Shop (underground)-
(1) Door of Wind / 200G
(2) Door of Light / 200G
(3) Phoenix / 1,600G
(4) Medicine / 300G
(5) Magic Leaf / 1,000G
(6) Healing Bloom / 600G
(7) Haling Flower / 400G
(8) Ebony Jewel / 4,000G
(9) Luminous Jewel / 4,000G
(10) Madlight Jewel / 4,000G
(11) Tempest Jewel / 2,000G
(12) Burning Jewel / 2,000G
(13) Deep Sea Jewel / 2,000G
(14) Earth Jewel / 2,000G



-Arms Shop-
(1) Force Blade / 4,200G
(2) Hard Beat / 3,800G
(3) Survival Axe / 10,800
(4) Expert Seal / 2,400G
(5) Ironman Armor / 5,300G
(6) Expert Boots / 8,800G
(7) Tempest Robe / 13,400G
(8) Jeweled Clip / 2,500G
(9) Olive Shoes / 3,900G
(10) Fighers Band / 2,600G
(11) Fighting Boots / 4,300G
(12) Valor Plate / 13,800G

-Items Shop-
(1) *Life Ring* / 9,500G
(2) *Power Ring* / 8,000G
(3) *Guardian Ring* / 8,000G
(4) Mettle Ring / 12,000G
(5) Chicken Safe / 10,000G
(6) Chicken Guard / 10,000G
(7) Door of Wind / 200G
(8) Door of Light / 200G
(9) Phoenix / 1,600G
(10) Magic Leaf / 1,000G
(11) Healing Bloom / 600G
(12) Healing Flower / 400G
(13) Slowness Chain / 1,000G


[Karisto Station]:

-Honest Person's Store-
(1) Travel Kit / 3,000G (includes 5 Healing Blooms, 1 Door of Wind and 1 Door of

(1) *Life Source* / 50,000G
(2) *Magic Source* / 50,000G
(3) *Mettle Source* / 50,000G
(4) Vitality Ring / 50,000G
(5) Healing Berry / 3,000G
(6) Door of Light / 200G
(7) Door of Wind / 200G


The first shops will open after you clear the mist.

-Arms Shop I-
(1) War God Plate / 28,000G
(2) Expert Armor / 22,200G
(3) Steel Boots / 18,000G
(4) Holy Claw / 17,000G
(5) Battle Axe / 15,600G
(6) Hero Seal / 12,500G

-Item Shop I-
(1) Guardian Ring / 8,000G
(2) Speed Ring / 8,000G
(3) Wisdom Ring / 8,000G
(4) Healing Berry / 3,000G
(5) Phoenix / 1,600G
(6) Healing Bloom / 600G
(7) Door of Light / 200G

-Arms Shop II-
(1) Hero Boots / 15,500G
(2) Master Armor / 15,400G
(3) Beast Buster / 14,500G
(4) Tempest Robe / 13,400G
(5) Survival Axe / 10,800G
(6) Bloody Claw / 9,500G
(7) Royal Crown / 9,400G

-Item Shop II (bakery)-
(1) *Life Ring* / 9,500G
(2) *Power Ring* / 8,000G
(3) Stone Amulet / 15,000G
(4) Nature Amulet / 8,000G
(5) Magic Leaf / 1,000G
(6) Healing Flower / 400G
(7) Door of Wind / 200G


The Variety Store will appear after the ice has been melted.

-Variety Store-
(1) *Mettle Armband* / 40,000G
(2) *War Soul* / 60,000G
(3) Chaos Breaker / 32,000G
(4) Battle Robe / 35,000G
(5) War God Band / 21,000G
(6) War God Boots / 29,000G
(7) Chicken Heart / 10,000G
(8) Healing Berry / 3,000G
(9) Healing Fruit / 2,400G
(11) Magic Fruit / 5,000G
(12) Medicine / 300G
(13) Phoenix / 1,600G
(14) Door Of Light / 200G
(15) Door Of Wind / 200G


[Usha Research Center]:

(1) Bad Luck Bell / 13,000G
(2) Bronze Book / 8,000G
(3) Ivory Book / 5,000G
(4) Magic Fruit / 5,000G
(5) Healing Berry / 3,000G
(6) Phoenix / 1,600G
(7) Medicine / 300G


[Soren Camp]:

-Arms Shop-
(1) Hero Armor / 40,000G
(2) Chaos Breaker / 32,000G
(3) Heavy Strike / 34,000G
(4) Power Club / 36,000G
(5) Hero Seal / 12,000G
(6) Triumph Boots / 31,000G
(7) Pronged Crown / 18,200G
(8) Battle Robe / 35,000G
(9) Steel Boots / 18,000G
(10) War God Boots / 29,000G
(11) War God Plate / 28,800G
(12) War God Band / 21,000G

-Items Shop-
(1) Magic Fruit / 5,000G
(2) Healing Berry / 3,000G
(3) Healing Fruit / 2,400G
(4) Phoenix / 1,600G
(5) Door of Light / 200G
(6) Door of Wind / 200G



-Arms Shop-
(1) Hero Armor / 40,000G
(2) Power Club / 36,000G
(3) Battle Robe / 35,000G
(4) Heavy Strike / 34,000G
(5) Chaos Breaker / 32,000G
(6) War God Plate / 28,000G

-Items Shop-
(1) Magic Fruit / 5,000G
(2) Healing Berry / 3,000G
(3) Healing Fruit / 2,400G
(4) Phoenix / 1,600G
(5) Medicine / 300G
(6) Door of Light / 200G
(7) Door of Wind / 200G


X. - [C o n c l u s i o n / T h a n k s]

I basically did this whole thing by myself without a lot of other input.
However, I would like to thank T&T, PSM, and GameFAQ's.

I plan to make more walkthroughs, though I have no idea which ones. I'd like to
do another RPG walkthrough since RPG's are my favorite games.

Anyways, thanks to my friends: Rick, Jim, Jesse, Mike, Jon, and Brian and:

- for the Ra-Seru Juggernaut Spell

- correction about Devil Medallion secret (said use
"healing items" instead of "healing spells" because Lapis drains all MP, also
suggested instead of saying "Win the Earth Egg in Sol...", say something like
"Win the Earth Egg in Sol by collected 100,000 coins and exchanging them at the
prize counter" to make things more clear. Also sent in Door of Wind secret (see
Secrets Section) and some tips on what accessories to equip on Vahn in the
Muscle Dome mini-game (see mini-games section).

- e-mailed me on how to get the Mettle Goblet in Bio
Castle (see walkthrough).

- made me aware of the kid who sells an item that raises one of
your characters' life 25% secret (see Secrets Section).

- submitted tip on how to get the Earth Jewel in the East
Voz Forest after reviving Genesis Tree.

- send me stuff!


Legend of Legaia Guide v1.5
For PlayStation (American Version)
R. Angotti (r_angotti@yahoo.com)


"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." -Eleanor Roosevelt

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -Gandhi

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"It's always too early to quit." -Norman Vincent Pearle

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." -Confucius

"We never know the worth of water 'til the well is dry." -English Proverb

"It is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways." -

"Assumptions allow the best in life to pass you by." -John Sales

"Fall seven times, stand up eight." -Japanese Proverb

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something
else is more important than fear." -Ambrose Redmoon

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination
encircles the world." -Albert Einstein

"The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing." -John Powell

"The expert at anything was once a beginner." -Hayes

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." -Carl Sagan

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"If you can imagine it, You can achieve it. If you can dream it, You can become
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"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."
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taking them." -David Borenstein

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"Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as real strength."
-Ralph W. Sockman

"Wisdom begins in wonder." -Socrates

"People only see what they are prepared to see." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only
plan, but also believe." -Anatole France

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